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The control circuit of transducer and a few kinds of common breakdown are analys
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(1) inverter protects  
① instantaneous crosses voltaic protection to wait as a result of short circuit of side of load of inversion electric current, the electric current that has shed inverter parts of an apparatus achieves unusual value  (to exceed feasible value) when, instantaneous quits inverter movement, cut off electric current. The output electric current of converter reachs unusual value, quit inverter movement as much.  
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② overload protects  
  inverter outputs electric current to exceed rating, and the time above that sheds understand regulation continuously, to prevent inverter the attaint such as parts of an apparatus, electrical wiring should quit movement. Appropriate protection needs to turn over time limit character, use hot relay or) of circuit of use electron of  (of electronic hot protection. Because laden GD2(is inertial,overload is) too big or cross ambassadorial electromotor locked-rotor because of load and arise.  
Overvoltage of ③ second birth protects  
  uses inverter is electromotor when sudden slowdown, because second birth result is straightforward and galvanic road voltage will be elevatory, exceed feasible value sometimes. Can adopt the method that stop inverter to run or stops sudden slowdown, prevent overvoltage.  
④ instantaneous power cut protects  
  the instantaneous power cut to several millisecond less than, control circuit job is regular. But if instantaneous power cut amounts to several  10ms above when, control circuit misoperation not only normally, main circuit also cannot power supply, after so check goes out, make inverter quits movement.  
⑤ ground connection crosses electric current to protect  
When ground connection of   inverter load, cross electric current to protect a function to protect inverter to want to have ground contact sometimes. But to ensure person is safe, need breaker of furnish leakage of electricity.  
⑥ cooling fan is unusual  
  has the unit of cooling fan, when fan is unusual the temperature inside device will rise, because this uses fan to heat up relay or sensor of temperature of carbon fin of parts of an apparatus, check goes out unusual hind stop inverter. Rise in temperature the circumstance that just as well of pairs of very small movement hinders, can omit.  
(The protective   of 2) asynchronous electric machinery
① overload protects  
  overload check gives device and inverter protection common, but when the overheat that considers low speed movement, in detector of temperature of the embedded inside asynchronous electromotor, perhaps use the outfit electronic hot protection inside inverter to come check gives overheat. When the movement is frequent, can consider to reduce electromotor load, increase electromotor and inverter capacity to wait.  
② above quota  (overspeed) protect  
The output frequency of   inverter or when the speed of asynchronous electromotor provides a value more than, quit inverter movement.  
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