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The control circuit of transducer and a few kinds of common breakdown are analys
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When the   communication when transducer inputs power source to be connected often, or when the contact contact of bypass contactor is undesirable, and bypass brilliant brake is in charge of when guiding the value that connect block greatens, can bring about starting resistor burn out. If meet this condition, can buy the resistor that is the same as norms to change, must find out the reason with derivative burned-out resistor at the same time. If breakdown is by the input frequency of side power source leaves,close cause, must eliminate ability of this kind of phenomenon to use transducer investment; If breakdown is,by bypass relay contact or canal of bypass brilliant brake are caused, must change these parts of an apparatus.  
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2) transducer does not have breakdown to show, but cannot high speed runs  
  my factory condition of a transducer is normal, but tone does not move to high speed, classics examination, transducer does not have breakdown, parameter setting is proper, timing input signal is normal, voltage of generatrix of dc of occurrence transducer of the test when electrify moves has  450V to control only, normal value is 580 ~ 600V, measure input side again, discovery was short of one photograph, the one posture contact that breakdown reason is an air switch that inputs side is undesirable those who cause, why transducer input is short of do not call the police to you still can be in low frequency paragraph work? When actually transducer is short of one photograph to input, can work, the bus tension floor level of most transducer is 400V, it is when dc generatrix voltage drop comes namely when 400V is the following, transducer just reports dc generator is small voltage breakdown. When two-phase is inputted, dc generatrix voltage is 380*1.2 = 452V>400V. Do not move when transducer when, because make the same score the action of wave capacitance, volts d.c. also can reach normal value, new-style transducer is to use PWM to control a technology, pressure regulating the job of frequency modulation is finished in inversion bridge, be in so low frequency paragraph the input is short of still can work normally, but because input electric depress to output electric depress, cause torsion of asynchronous electric machinery low, do not go on frequency.  
3) transducer has shown shed  
  appears when this kind of breakdown shows, check above all quicken time parameter whether too short, pitching moment promotes parameter whether too big, check load next whether too heavy. If do not have these phenomena, can disconnect the voltaic transformer that outputs side and the test point of suddenly Er electric current that shed side continuously, restoration hind moves, look to whether had appeared to shed a phenomenon, if appear, probable it is  1PM module occurrence breakdown, because had been contained inside 1PM module,had pressed stream, owe pressure, overload, overheat, be short of the protective function such as photograph, short circuit, and these fault signal are the output that brings a base via modular block control Fn brings a foot to convey small accuse implement, small accuse implement after receiving breakdown information, block pulse is outputted on one hand, show breakdown information on the other hand go up in face plate, change commonly 1PM module.  
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