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The control circuit of transducer and a few kinds of common breakdown are analys
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4) transducer has shown press breakdown  
  transducer has appeared to press breakdown, it is thunderstorm weather commonly, in the power source that strings together transducer as a result of thunder, the voltage detector movement that makes transducer sheds side continuously and tripping operation, below this kind of circumstance, normally simply disconnects left and right sides of  1min of transducer power source, join electrify source again, can restoration; Another kind of circumstance is transducer drive big inertial load, had appeared to control an appearance, because this kind of circumstance falls, the decelerate of transducer stops to belong to regenerative braking, in stopping a process, the output frequency of transducer drops by linear, and the output frequency of the transducer of frequency prep above of laden electric machinery, laden electric machinery is in generate electricity condition, electric energy of mechanical energy translate into, be absorbed by the smooth wave capacitance of transducer dc side, plant when this energy is enough big when, can arise so called " pump promotes an appearance " , the biggest voltage that the voltage of transducer dc side can exceed dc generatrix and tripping operation, to this kind of breakdown, it is slowdown time parameter the setting grows some or increase resistance of apply the brake or add unit of apply the brake; 2 be transducer stop means setting to jockey for freedom.  
5) electric machinery is calorific, transducer shows overload  
If the transducer that   runs to been throw appears this kind of breakdown, must inspect laden condition; If the transducer to new setup appears this kind of breakdown, probable it is  V/F curve setting undeserved or setting of electric machinery parameter has a problem, be like transducer of a new clothes, of its drive is electric machinery of a frequency conversion, electric machinery is rated parameter is 220V/50Hz, and the setting when transducer leaves factory is 380V/50Hz, because install personnel to do not have the V/F parameter of correct set transducer, bring about saturation of occurrence magnetism of the rotor after electric machinery runs period of time, cause electric machinery rotate speed to reduce, calorific and overload. Use in new transducer so previously, must have set this parameter, use transducer additionally when controlling fashion without speed sensor vector, wait for parameter without the correct rated voltage that installs laden electric machinery, electric current, capacity, also can bring about electric machinery to heat up overload, when the rate of transducer carrier wave that still having a kind of state is a setting is exorbitant, also can cause electric machinery calorific overload, last kinds of case is electric architect designs transducer to often be in low frequency paragraph the job, and did not consider in low frequency paragraph working electric machinery comes loose the problem that heat becomes poor, cause electric mechanic to make late heat overload for some time, plant to this, need to add outfit medicinal powder shrinkage fitting buy.  
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