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Transducer of homebred 2500kW/6kV high pressure uses an analysis
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The rated output electric current of transducer of     2500kW high pressure is 300A. In systematic design process, besides the requirement that needs electricity of contented and rated output, still need to have the 120% ability; that cross bear 1min and must can bear the concussion of 1.5 times rated electric current does not have instantaneous injury of parts of an apparatus. Accordingly, the type selecting of power parts of an apparatus must be designed according to peak value electric current. That is to say, power connects discharge unitly to need to achieve, namely 620A. Have certain instantaneous to shed ability too considering IGBT, because this is based on medicinal powder the IGBT paralell connection that heats up the consideration of the respect to use two rating 300A will achieve design requirement, implementation IGBT all sheds output below shunt-wound circumstance, and can long-term and reliable safety moves. There basically are the following problems between the design of power unit:
     (1)  is used with model, with batch IGBT, the manufacturing; that the parts of an apparatus that chooses the performance data such as value of loss of voltaic curve, switch to agree completely has power unit
     (2)  assures the accord of circuit parameter strictly on physics,   eliminates a structure installation, medicinal powder hot condition, circuitry decorates parameter of cloth of divide into equal parts; of adverse to what move actually effect
     (3)  uses design of low inductance loop, avoid inductance of dynamical generator parasitism to be opposite the influence; of security of parts of an apparatus
Of in step of generation of      (4)  unit control plate spark pulse signal, the 1 μ of < of switch control error that assures shunt-wound parts of an apparatus S;
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