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Transducer of homebred 2500kW/6kV high pressure uses an analysis
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     (5)  drive circuitry uses more strict interference rejection design, hand-in-hand travel advocate; of test of radiate of electromagnetism of electric return circuit makes sure drive is undee not distortion, electric control parameter is identical;
     (6) dynamic electric current balances a technology, make sure consistent; avoids IGBT operating conditions the difference of the parameter of character of parts of an apparatus that temperature change brings, cause electric current to all do not cause the problem that burn down of parts of an apparatus, system breaks down.                                                    
      3   equipment comes loose hot issue
The oneself refrigeration of transducer of       high pressure and environment come loose hot issue is one of serious problems that high-pressured frequency control cannot ignore in systematic application. The equipment of 2500kW leaves the loss that has 2~4% in circumstance of full carry travel, power is 100kW; about this among them the majority is with form of quantity of heat be lost is in among the space. Deliver oneself quantity of heat effectively equipment exterior, make systematic work temperature is the crucial factor that makes sure equipment safety moves inside limit.
The loss of quantity of heat of       transducer basically includes transformer ark and power cabinet two parts. Transformer uses H class to work design of type transformer standard, insulating material can be able to bear or endure the moving high temperature that suffers 180 ℃ , transformer temperature rise can amount to 125K; 
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