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Transducer of homebred 2500kW/6kV high pressure uses an analysis
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      3.1  comes loose hot concrete step
     (1) chooses the power parts of an apparatus with new generation lesser power comsumption, the means quantity of heat that uses parallel connection of parts of an apparatus is dispersive, increase to come loose effectively hot area, come out belt of in-house quantity of heat, assure to use the pattern with cold air to be able to satisfy; of temperature rise requirement
     (2)  chooses heat to conduct character rate of good, heat conduction is high new-style cold radiator of solder of board drill rod, rise medicinal powder hot effect;
     (3)  comes loose according to unit area hot power is reasonable design cooling system, assure environmental temperature temperature of oneself of the parts of an apparatus below 45 ℃ condition under 85 ℃ ;                                                    
     (4)  cupboard door uses guard of bar case filter, reduce mesh of; of block of the wind that take wind to choose permeability good, toughness is tall new-style filter synthetic silk floss, raise the moving efficiency; of cooling system
     (5)  uses cooling fan to be designed redundantly.                             
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