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Transducer of homebred 2500kW/6kV high pressure uses an analysis
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       ensures circumstance of trouble of odd typhoon engine falls, the system need not fall the forehead runs; trouble of two typhoons engine, transducer falls the forehead runs ceaseless machine. Utmost made sure cooling system is opposite power ark the influence of sex of equipment on the safe side. Classics scene runs a test actually: 1Below case of 00 % bear, power parts of an apparatus is the biggest 23K of temperature rise < , obtained favorable moving result.
      is in design process of the system,   cools besides what should solve fine installation oneself outside the problem, the environment of the spot comes loose hot issue also is application of transducer of 2500kW high pressure must mature. According to the spot circumstance of project of oil field water injecting pump,  
      decision receives the environmental refrigeration of transducer already systems of some high-pressured electromotor cooling water. Through computation,   comes loose in what increase 2500kW transducer below caloric circumstance,  
The whole equipment refrigeration that the design of system of        existing cooling water makes rich the quantity can satisfy affusion to stand jointly estimates need.                                                   
The problem of the consideration answers when        3.2  environment heat exchanges a system to design
       is running medium moving temperature actually as a result of transformer ark and power ark not identical, and environmental temperature is consistent; 
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