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Transducer of homebred 2500kW/6kV high pressure uses an analysis
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       and power ark is relatively sensitive to environmental temperature. Accordingly, there basically is the consideration of the following respects on the design:
The cooling system of itself of equipment of      (1)   have the aid of realizes an environment to heat up exchange, simplify system, do not add the equipment such as independent cooling fan. Breakdown of bring down subsidiary engine nods the harm of pair of system safety performance.
     (2)  is passed empty - the equipment quantity of heat that water-cooling device takes transducer refrigeration wind is delivered by cooling water directly outdoor, reduce main heat source thereby to the environment heat action.
The temperature when      (3)  moves normally as a result of transformer is apparent temperature of ark of prep above power, because this independence configures the heat exchanger of transformer ark and power ark, raise utilization rate of equipment and installations.
     (4)  transducer room uses airtight environment to design, use the asbestine architecture with adiabatic fine effect to reduce heat to conduct. Avoid the summer the temperature outdoor is high those who bring add fuel factor, complete support is empty - water-cooling device undertakes the environment comes loose hot.
The 55kW of heat exchanger power of       transformer ark, the 45kW of heat exchanger power of power ark. 30 ℃ of cooling water lukewarm < , give < of blast tuyere temperature 38 ℃ . Heat exchanges the actuating pressure 0.4Mpa of cooling water system, rated discharge is 30m3/h respectively. Pipeline designs nominal pressure 1.6Mpa, DN80 tubal way has very high design abundant volume, safety performance excel is comfortable the cooling water system that distributes high-pressured electromotor. That is to say, the cooling water system of transducer room does not reduce the moving safety performance of system of whole water injecting pump.                             
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