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Transducer of homebred 2500kW/6kV high pressure uses an analysis
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      spot monitors data to make clear: Gan Deng thighs  Chinese a bit temperature of ℃ of? of dew of  of  of lip of Cong of  of approach of You of Song star a pavilion or house on a terrace, backwater temperature of ark of power of 9 ℃ ;    11 ℃ , transformer ark is highest temperature 76 ℃ ; is indoor temperature the 10 ℃ , temperature outdoor - 17 ℃ . Equipment moving temperature is far be worth under the design, systematic refrigeration and environment come loose heat all achieves design requirement, empty - the applied result of water-cooling device is favorable.                             
     4   workmanship and equipment bulk                             
The production of transducer of      2500kW high pressure to make and examining craft raised taller requirement: &Nbsp                           
     (1)  is ensure sex of high on the safe side, the component that do one's best chooses technical maturity function to stabilize finishs a function to develop;                            
     (2)  examines strictly into the factory, assure to be the same as model, with batch, the component that function index matchs enters manufacturing;                            
     (3)  increases panel ageing strength, strict production assembles working procedure to examine. Solder to package, the detail content such as snail clench solid undertakes handling;                            
     (4)  applies new-style material, new technology to reduce volume of product weight, contractible equipment.
One of       contractible bulk, direction that enhancing unit power is effort of development of technology of high-pressured frequency conversion. Especially high-power and exceed transducer of high-power high pressure, transform in the project, there is more clear demand to bulk in promotion application. The carriage that bulk brings greatly too, installation, earth builds the problem that waits for a respect to often become the consideration factor that block up technology uses. Current, as move of workmanship of transformer of segregation of type of be concerned with and insulation grade rise, move the technical element that type of be concerned with keeps apart transformer to be able to have used unifinication to design structural; to need not consider the aspect such as be lost of workmanship, quantity of heat again and the volume problem that create two transformer to bring. The structure of power unit is designed and come loose hot issue has been solved, power ark structure and bearing the respect also gains headway, the power density of equipment gets rising effectively. Of the transducer of Harsvert-A06/300 high pressure that by Hua Fu of Beijing benefit heart electric technology limited company produces overall over all dimension is only 1300 × of 6356 × 2674, gross weight makes an appointment with 7400kg, measure of more congener product reduces close 1/2, if pursue,1 is shown. Of the system overall structure and spot distributing to also simplify greatly, because power social estate raises brought construction to wait for a problem,eliminated.                             
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