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Transducer of homebred 2500kW/6kV high pressure uses an analysis
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     5   runs the effect
Since       joins movement smoothly in December 2004 oneself, equipment runs in order, obtained apparent yield. The technical level of transducer of homebred 2500kW high pressure and design engineering capability can satisfy the spot completely to use requirement actually. To the output of transducer voltaic weaveform checks (harmonious wave of 2) seeing a picture analyses (3) seeing a picture makes clear: Teach of unconscious uncut jade flinchs mace of  of τ fierce over sixty years of age all bail of て expostulate with quite channel of  of bifurcation of cook of serve of Chi of  of  of ⒘ of  of Ku of natrium of our instrument of frequency of bail of Ba of Gan Deng of tribute of crash of arrow of β of Lian of collate Cou  catchs Gan Deng of 1 of Xi an ancient wine vessel made of horn Jian mires fall from the sky
     6   last word
The success of transducer of high pressure of       homebred 2500kW applies, initiated a beginning to alter the aspect of market of frequency conversion of high pressure of home of above of 2000kW of foreign brand unify, also applied a respect to offer more alternative in high-power frequency conversion for domestic user. Its actual application, face power for domestic product the competition of high-end product market with taller, stronger performance established density of bigger, power foundation. In the settlement of technology of key of domain of frequency conversion of high-power high pressure and test and verify, for 5000kW the development of the following product, design provided valuable experience.
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