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Metallic surface spray paint
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<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> &nbsp happening is in all round us corroding a phenomenon is to show of all kinds material is below environmental action (chemical, electrochemistry and the put together collaboration of a certain number of physics elements are used) produce damage, function drops or the deterioration of condition. And in metallic surface spray paint besmear is installed is a kind of very important metal anticorrosion carries a passport. Good spray paint besmears outfit covering layer maintains successive and complete nondestructive, union is good, can become restrain the protective screen that corrodes medium to invade. But because corrode,be to cannot go against the spontaneous process that turn, even if outfit of high grade spray paint besmear maintains a layer, also be hard to protect a metal not to happen corrode, assemble a band when besmear of metallic surface spray paint especially undesirable, be damaged, or have pinhole, bosomy bubble, chap, fall off wait for blemish, the protective action of spray paint coating will drop greatly, cause the disastrous effect of aggravate of corrosion of metals even. To spray paint so besmear installs element of corrosion of metals to undertake serious analysis, adopting effective countermeasure to prevent is very necessary. Besmear of &nbsp<BR>2, spray paint installs &nbsp<BR> of mechanism of corrosion of metals to be told commonly, of the metal corroding is a variety of elements the result of joint action, and among them some kind of element is having main effect in corrupting a process. Metallic surface spray paint forms besmear to install covering layer, its metal produces cankerous section is the interfacial section that holds paint film and metallic face in besmear, ceaseless to the metal dilate is eroded in matrix. &nbsp<BR> is like metallic surface spray paint to besmear outfit layer can keep apart water effectively, oxygen and electron, stray is ionic the osmosis that wait, OK greatly slow down or avoid those who produce besmear to hold a metal to corrode, if isolate the effect not beautiful, criterion besmear outfit maintains a layer bad to action of the anticorrosive protection that fight corrode. Manufacturing practice makes clear, covering layer of outfit of spray paint besmear affects besmear of metallic spray paint badly to the permeability of water to hold the adherent power of surface layer, and what the permeability of oxygen affects a metal greatly is caustic can. Of metal of outfit of spray paint besmear corrode a form varied, but prime cause, cankerous happening is having close relationship with chemistry and electrochemistry action. The besmear of influence &nbsp<BR> spray paint that besmear of &nbsp<BR>3, spray paint installs ability of metal of analysis of element of corrosion of metals and precautionary countermeasure &nbsp<BR>3.1&nbsp to wait for an element character holds a metal corrode as qualitative as metallic ability itself to be able to bear or endure corrode sex has very big concern. Use at besmearing with spray paint the metal of outfit has steely stuff, aluminium alloy, copper alloy or magnesium alloy, what undoubted metal ability pledges is different, the anti-corrosive properties fighting corrode that besmear of metallic spray paint installs can be endless also identical. The difference of condition of metallic stuff surface, via spray paint besmear is installed, the effect of the anticorrosive protection that fight corrode of its coating has differ apparently. For instance classics gush arenaceous the part of armor plate ability that purifies processing and natural and rustily undertake with name board spare parts besmear of congener spray paint installs protection, as a result of rustily adverse effect, spare parts of natural and rustily spring relatively via the spring spare parts with arenaceous gush its corrode rate tower above number is decuple, its fight corrode to defend the effect is apparent under latter. If the blemish that metallic surface place exists is be mingled with, small crack, stress wait and the moisture in atmosphere and active ion (Cl- , Br- ) the corroding that different level land affects adsorptive metropolis to quicken spray paint besmear hold a metal even. Before besmear of spray paint of &nbsp<BR> metal surface is installed purify defatted, the application that activation divides the pre-treatment such as rust and finishing craft improves spray paint besmear effectively to hold the anticorrosive property of the metal that fight corrode. The influence of stand or fall of the actor of low quality that manufacturing practice proves to spray paint besmear installs metallic anti-corrosive properties and quality of pre-treatment of the matrix before its besmear is installed is great, metal (especially cast) what what before exterior besmear is installed, undertake is effective remove oil defatted, it is OK to divide rust or use bolus of gush arenaceous gush to wait cause purify activation surface, make sure besmear installs the adhesion with paint film and good base metal, besmear to raising spray paint the corrosion resistance that holds a metal can be very beneficial. &nbsp<BR> steely material besmears the phosphor that installs pre-treatment working procedure changes processing is the ground floor that installs as spray paint besmear widely, adherent to raising besmear to install a layer force and the anticorrosive performance fighting corrode that improves besmear to hold a metal is above criticism. The phosphor of &nbsp<BR> aluminium alloy is changed, the processing of chemical oxidation, zincous oxidation ground floor that can install as spray paint besmear, to improve and raising besmear to install a metal to be able to bear or endure corrode function is admirable undoubtedly. &nbsp<BR> anyhow, good to metallic base material finishing technology is those who raise spray paint besmear to mount metallic corrosion resistance is important one annulus and credible base. The clean degree of the surface of influence &nbsp<BR> metal of craft of construction of outfit of besmear of &nbsp<BR>3.2&nbsp metal spray paint and environment affects besmear badly to install the adhesion of spray paint layer, the water that makes an exterior remain or adsorption, smeary reach other eyewinker to wait eliminate ungodliness, often can produce tumor of pinhole, knot, remove a skin or union is undesirable wait for breakdown. After phosphor of &nbsp<BR> steely spare parts changes processing, after chemistry of aluminium alloy spare parts oxidizes or positive pole changes processing, after oxidation handles chemistry of magnesium alloy spare parts, wait, all should be in do not exceed inside 24 hours undertake spray paint besmear is installed in time, bolus of arenaceous, gush handles gush of classics of steely spare parts to also must undertake inside 6 hours spray paint besmear is installed. Measure of this one technology is practice proof conduce to raise besmear to install velar layer and matrix adherent force, enhance its to fight the tweak of corrode function. The compression that &nbsp<BR> spray uses depart of the grease in air is inadequate not complete, make the water that exceeds an amount and oil are contained in compressing air, besmear of inevitable effect spray paint holds the mass of velar layer, produce all sorts of breakdown limitation. Because this insists to clear regularly,change the filter content in grease depart establishment, maintain compress air clean clean, the property that holds spray paint layer to improving besmear is beneficial. &nbsp</FONT></P>
The effect that the temperature of spot of outfit of besmear of <P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> spray paint, humidity holds velar layer mass to spray paint besmear is very apparent. The temperature that should notice to hold spot of spray paint construction is in 30 ℃ of 10 ~ limits, relative humidity with exceeding 80% in the limit of, construction site must keep neat and clean sanitation, orderly. &nbsp<BR> temperature is exorbitant, relative humidity is big, layer of besmear outfit spray paint is easy hoar, present orange skin condition to wait, and temperature is too low, criterion lacquer layer Yi Liu drips, to besmear quality of coating of outfit metal surface has adverse effect. Operation of outfit of besmear of spray paint of &nbsp<BR> metal surface is common use air spray. The attention maintains spray gun and be in by the distance of gush surface limits of 200 ~ 300mm, compress air pressure control to be in ㎡ of 2 ~ 4kg/c, such ability ensure spray paint besmear effectively to hold mass quite. The affects &nbsp<BR> coating performance of &nbsp<BR>3.3&nbsp coating function holds a metal to besmear the anticorrosive function that fight corrode has very big concern, high grade coating can protect a metal effectively in abominable condition even. The sort of coating differs a function each different. The factor that affects besmear to hold covering layer property is main wait by the synthetic resin that makes film, filling reach crystallization to spend, the decision such as solubility. &nbsp<BR> basis coating function, the chooses coating sort of all conditional have a definite object in view such as applicable environment, the effect of the protection that fight corrode that just can produce spray paint effectively to install velar layer. The choice of &nbsp<BR> Qi Ji, dissolvent and auxiliary wants appropriate, mixture ratio exemple must ask strictly according to craft, want to ensure mix is sufficient and even, ensure dilute comes working viscosity of the regulation. &nbsp<BR> in recent years the antirust belt of development, development becomes rusty the wide application of coating, make spray paint besmears outfit metal suitable scope is mixed the protection that fight corrode is able to improve further, very be necessary to be popularized energetically perfect. &nbsp<BR> of &nbsp<BR>4, epilogue altogethers, fortify the standard of the pre-treatment that besmear of metallic spray paint installs and finishing craft, strengthen besmear to install the control of craft and government, ensure spray paint besmear installs the adhesion with covering layer and good base metal, overcome and avoid to besmear outfit covering layer produces pinhole, bosomy bubble, corrugate, chap, fall off wait for breakdown blemish, make spray paint besmears outfit covering layer is become restrain the admirable protective screen that corrodes medium to invade, it is to raise spray paint besmear to hold a metal undoubtedly the significant step of the anticorrosive function that fight corrode. </FONT></P>
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