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Spray painting or spray equipment and other frequently asked questions
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Spray coating line commonly used curtain spray booth, spray booth water spin dry spray booth, painting room horizontal spraying the workpiece. Electrostatic spray coating line spray method commonly used for spraying the workpiece, the main setting spray Prepared by the powder room, equipment and electrostatic spray gun, powder recovery unit and other components. Spray coating line is mainly in the water curtain spray booth overview and analysis of an example. The water curtain spray booth is simple and practical, now coated in paint Loaded line used more often. Water curtain spray booth in the structure include: chamber body, sink, curtain panels, water recycling systems, ventilation filter systems, lighting devices, hanging and the hanging of the workpiece conveyor through the room when the body is painted. Water curtain spray booth in front of the curtain panels, curtain panels are the overflow tank top, curtain panel behind the shower curtain for the multi-stage device. Workpiece into the spray booth by the suspension conveyor. The operator with a hand-held electrostatic spray gun or a fixed spin Cup paint gun for spraying operations on the workpiece, flying with the air to attract over spray mist into the spray chamber, the first water curtain with curtain panels meet, was washed into the tank, and the remaining mist spray through the multi-stage curtain leaching purified Completely blocked in the water. To mist and then by air after the air-water separator to remove odor treatment, purification of gases after the last of foreign emissions. With the capture of the mist curtain of water pouring into the pool Sheng, the pump suction filter , Paint residue floating on the water, joining the pool within the coagulant effect of the paint, so as to form loose clumps, scoop out the container can be used to focus, keep the water clean. Through the water curtain spray booth and the role of auxiliary equipment, can be more Ideally, spray and mist to complete the work piece cleaning purposes. The common problems spraying equipment is the production site of environmental pollution: emissions from spray booth water (Java), air pollution; dusting excess powder room dust pollution generated. In addition, electrical explosion (fire), it also exists More gaps, such as: electrical explosion (fire) level does not meet the national mandatory standards, explosion-proof (fire) facilities and other issues not fully configured. Because of these problems are generally not affect the quality of spraying the workpiece, so often Being taken seriously or be cut from the cost considerations, so more need to monitor and enforce the relevant departments to promote to eliminate security risks, improve the working environment of the operator, and to gas (water) discharge standards. In recent years, with With the strict environmental requirements, the rapid development of environmentally friendly coatings, the reduction of environmental pollution has played a positive role.

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