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The latest published patent: an automated spraying equipment
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Railway, highway bridges in the maintenance of the surface water treatment is one important factor in the durability of the bridge, so the earlier stages of a large number of national railway network, road network construction, the need for spraying the bridge surface, waterproof paint a large area. Existing technology, the use of construction personnel control spraying machine for spraying, spraying machine will be placed in the car by in the car to operate the nozzle, the control sprayer spraying. This spraying method following major drawbacks: First, labor-intensive construction workers, low efficiency, number of people can not meet the requirements of large-scale construction operations; second is unstable coating quality, uniformity is poor, waste paint; third is accurate low, the quality of spraying is entirely controlled by the artificial rule of thumb. Fine work by the Zhejiang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Miaojuan, Sheng Xiaofeng, Qiujian Yi and Yu Xiaofeng invented an automated spray equipment, it addresses the control of the existing construction workers there spraying machine for spraying labor-intensive, low efficiency, the number of multi-coating inconsistent quality, poor uniformity, a waste of paint and other issues. The automatic spraying equipment, including the ability to drive a motor vehicle on the ground and hanging in the rear of the automatic sliding vehicle spraying device to control the vehicle in the motor vehicle is equipped with uniform vertical sliding movement and control automation control spraying equipment spraying horizontal system. The automated spraying device according to the parameters set automatically spray a large area, reducing the number of labor, spraying efficiency; spray quality and good uniformity.

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