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Jiangmen: Cannon coating plant industrial wastewater directly into rivers
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"Hetang Xia Village Industrial Zone Cannon spraying plants, Yi Feng color printing plant to a nearby sewage directly into rivers, so water is polluted, affecting the nearby farmland." According to inhabitants of the town pond to reflect the situation, Nov. 25, Environmental Protection Agency raided Pengjiang Xia Village Industrial Zone Hawthorn plant and coating plant more than Hardware. 10 am the day of more inspectors and his party arrived Xia Village Industrial Zone, the Industrial Zone, Haizhou, Zhongshan, separated and the district are small businesses, of which the hardware factory, spraying plants mainly because here in the border zone, So the management is chaotic. Industrial area on one side there is a small creek, creek sediment, some of the yellow is very obvious, along the creek and on the farm is the local farmers. Inspectors said that these sediments should be near the waste water caused by manufacturers. Inspectors party first came to United Guangdong metal spraying plants, the small size of this plant, when the number of workers in the factory did not work, but still filled with the pungent odor. Inspectors found that although the business license of the plant, but did not discharge permits, wastewater treatment process is very simple. Transformation of a good inspector requires sewerage plants, and sewage for the relevant certificate. Subsequently, the inspector and his party came to Bo Yi Chuan metal casting plant, the die-casting equipment is simple, the whole plant high temperature, smoke large, the ground there are a lot of oil, but no wastewater discharge. In the color coating plant, the reporter saw the factory although there are four or five clean pool, inspectors with the dipstick test, and some pools of water is strongly acidic. Reporter walked around with the inspectors found that companies here are not essential for environmental discharge permits. The last stop is Cannon coating plant. Inspectors went into the production of this factory is in the inside, the noise, dust and odor mixed. At the scene, a production line is started, more than 10 production line workers are working. Through the simple plant, facing the creek behind the factory, construction waste piled up in disorder to, appear disorganized. While here, have a clean pool, but the inspectors found that water without any treatment directly into rivers, with a Ph test paper test, the display Ph value of 8, are weak alkaline wastewater. Cannon coating plant inspectors issued on check book, let the Pengjiang EPA accepted for processing, and requiring operators to improve the sewage facilities as soon as possible to ensure the water quality discharge standards.

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