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Chinese car line of business is pressing expect to raise car besmear to install
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<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> &nbsp recently, assistant of director of center of technology of vice director of director of institute of Chinese car project, production chapter, one steam holds material ministry minister Mr Wu Tao concurrently to be in speak of Chinese car besmearing outfit technology develops the current situation and besmear furnish when equipment current situation, expressing car besmear to install automation is current the development demand with the most pressing industry of outfit of domestic car besmear, also be the road that supplier of Chinese car coating and besmear furnish equipment pointed out to future develops. &nbsp<BR>   Wu Tao says, chinese automobile industry holds applied respect of the technology in besmear, narrowing ceaselessly with the difference of international level, but whole industry grows state disequilibrium. Joint ventures and the besmear outfit line with a few big own new Motor Corporation already or adjacent achieve international advanced level, commercial vehicle removes the component outside automobile body, change one's costume or dress the car relatively backward, the factory still has some miniature component even the production of mill type. Car coating production is given priority to with production of foreign technology country, basically also count an import tool of equipment of form a complete set of key of product line of car besmear outfit, spray and testing instrument. Besmear installs VOC to discharge a level to lag behind at Europe, beautiful, day, main show is in environmental protection in the applied respect of material of lacquer of besmear knead dough. Besmear outfit craft, besmear holds the respect such as material and besmear outfit equipment, ability of integrated own research and development is weaker, the technical source that develops continuously basically depends on abroad. So Chinese car besmears own standard wants the industry to conform to still longer road wants with international related outfit and besmear outfit. &nbsp</FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>   is in show level, the car besmear of large quantities of quantities installs the automation that produces requirement height, besmear furnish equipment and equipment had become besmear to install the most crucial essential factor, overall material utilization factor of the consistency that because direct or it is indirect,the stability of parameter of the actuate rate that affects besmear to hold a line, craft, besmear installs manufacturing quality and outfit of percent of pass, besmear, the investment that in besmearing outfit line is in car plant to build, holds always is highest. So, form a complete set of key of line of car besmear outfit, tool of automatic spray machine and spray robot, spray reachs automobile body testing instrument those who wait is homebred change, all sorts of facility for transporting and the dependability that all sorts of automata carry out yuan of parts of an apparatus to wait and life promote appropriative of besmear outfit line, it is the pressing demand that our country auto industry installs equipment to besmear all the time. Be opposite as the country of policy of energy-saving environmental protection ceaseless and perfect, efficient besmear outfit line is energy-saving equipment of environmental protection technology also will be auto industry is indispensable. &nbsp</FONT></P>
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