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Eletroplate to be distinguished with what besmear installs
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<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> &nbsp eletroplates is it is electrolytic a kind of form. Process of deposit of ion of a kind of report, a kind of chemistry reacts, it is to use electrode to make through electric current zincous material is oxidized ceaselessly, the material of cathode is ceaseless by reductive, and the ion in plating fluid does not reduce  , make metallic electron adheres to in the object apparently, its purpose is the character that changes object face and dimension, the burnish that is metallic surface as a result is beautiful, antirust the anticorrosion, wear-resisting performance that improves the appearance. &nbsp</FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> besmear outfit is apply coating be in what the film that thing surface place forms will reflect with its at be being besmeared the adornment of substance appearance, protection and functional sex action are, make coating is being besmeared substance appearance fashions the process of the film of a need, call besmear outfit, construction of coating of a general designation. &nbsp<BR> well-known &nbsp,   project machine is   of machine of a kind of outdoors job,   exposes outdoors air  (  for a long time to include the   in the harsh environment such as  )  of water of marine air, industry air, city air and rustic air  )  and seawater of  (  of different water quality, river,   is in all the time bear the different level of different district and environment corrodes  ,   created project machine thereby all sorts of " chronic " and " frequently-occurring disease " . Outfit of project machine besmear is one of workmanship of project machine product important segment. Quality of outfit of besmear of antirust, corrosion protection is a product one of important facets of overall quality. Product exterior quality mirrorred a product to defend not only, adornment function  ,   and also be the main factor that makes product value. </FONT></P>

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