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Zhao of Dong Guang of recipe of technology of plating of lens face gush is brigh
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In finishing industry, plating of colour of rice of environmental protection accept gets job fully the favour of wife person, the advantage of the practical, tremendous appreciation sex of the innovation sex of the protection that increases its to have extensive applicability, environment, technology, authentic and character, also got consequently the attention of all trades and professions, its economic benefits makes a person fix eyes upon more!  
     one, craft principle:  
Principle of craft of plating of colour of rice of environmental protection accept: Use special device and specific raw material, apply chemical reaction principle to achieve eletroplating result through the means of direct spray, make color of chromium be presentinged by gush object surface, nickel color, sanded nickel, gold, silver-colored, copper reachs all sorts of color (red Huang Zi is green blue) the lens face such as gradual change color Gao Guang effect.  
     2, technological process:  
Early days is handled (oil is divided oily, rust divides rust) → spray priming paint (the priming paint that usable guest uses now) lacquer of face of spray of → of layer of reaction of gush of equipment of plating of colour of rice of accept of environmental protection of → drying → (the priming paint that usable guest uses now) → drying
     3, suitable scope:  
Extensive applicability: All sorts of material such as magnesium of wood of metal, colophony, plastic, glass, pottery and porcelain, Yakeli, lumber, model, phosphor, calcic model, cement. Can apply extensively at the car, electric equipment, mobile telephone of handicraft, computer, act the role of article, a variety of surfaces such as high-grade furniture adorn a profession, can be born from this the industry with a new more.  
     4, product characteristic:  
Environmental protection: Green environmental protection, do not contain heavy metal, in producing a course, do not have 3 useless discharge, it is craft of a kind of safe green high-tech spray.  
Innovation sex of the technology: Craft is simpler than generation technology, cost is lower, can locate gush plating, forked lubricious spray can be made on same product.  
Of authentic practical: Treatment product does not accept the restriction of all sorts of material, do not accept restriction of bulk, size, appearance, colour diversity, follow one's inclinations.  
Tremendous synergism sex: Not electric product need not do electric layer, cost is lower, profit is higher; Can reach the diversification of the product according to the client's demand, the circumstance such as work environment and work requirement, provide the automation automation line that suits batch to produce operation for the client.  
The stability of investment: Investment is little, redound is tall, cost is low, without the risk.  
The advantage of character: Have superior adherent power, fight wallop, corrosion resistance, weatherability, wearability and scratch resistance, have good antirust performance.  
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