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Cui Mengqi of equipment of recipe of technology of rice of accept of Jinan envir
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Craft of technology of plating of gush of new-style accept rice applies Nuoyinami by Jinan gush plating limited company development appears on the market successfully, its technology is special the sophisticated technology equipment that rolls out to solve the product that vacuum eletroplates and place of craft of plating of water and electricity cannot process, processes product does not accept the restriction of bulk and material, can be on all sorts of material such as things of the wood of colophony of metal, colophony, Pp ps carbon element, plastic, glass, pottery and porcelain, model, product that defend bath, curtain rod of window, figure of Buddha, Christmas, handicraft, candle and wood spray. Also can use at mobile telephone of car, electric equipment, computer, adorn article, magnesium of high-grade furniture, Yakeli, phosphor, calcic model, cement, wait for   of plating of advanced surface gush. Overall a year of free maintenance, lifelong safeguard. Already carried all sorts of national technology index. Have environmental protection of green of  1 of ★ of   of a few large dominant positions,  , do not contain harmful heavy metal, without 3 useless pollution
    ☆  2, investment is little, cost low  
  of     ★  3, safety in operation
    ☆  4, suit automation, batch turns production
  of diversity of     ★  5, colorific
    ☆  6, can locate gush plating, do not suffer bulk and appearance limitation  
    ★  7, extensive applied limits  
    ☆  8, can reclaim use  
    ★  9, through national authority the orgnaization detects  
Accord with national level, ask to make according to yours.  
Inside the industry public praise is good. Welcome new old client to hang down dispatch, make sure to you satisfaction replies, reach double win.  
The individual with        intended welcome and bearer of company unit incoming telegram seek advice make an on-the-spot investigation!

      contact: Phone of Cui Mengqi  : 0531-87027395   or   13954150434

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