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Fittings of spray gun of Guangzhou gold horse fittings of wholesale spray gun of
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100 Nuo besmear installs Dongguan liquid of   of oil gun of electrostatic spray of   of gun of electrostatic dusting of   of professional and wholesale electrostatic spray gun is electrostatic besmear of   of machine of electrostatic gush model installs   of duster of spray gun     of equipment of equipment   spray gun is electrostatic Taiwan of   of liquid spray gun is electrostatic spray gun.

     major is wholesale fittings of all sorts of electrostatic dusting gun: Powder of   of the pump that offer pink carries family name of article of   of the canal in Wen Qiu of pump riverside   to provide   electrode injection     of all sorts of spray head of sector of circular nozzle   diffuse board   of   horn mouth blocks gun of pin plate   to cover powder of   discharge needle to carry tube to wait for fittings of   spray gun.

     besmear assembles peripheral: Liquefaction of   of keg of powder of stainless steel liquefaction board   of head of furnace of   of firearm of pip of brilliant of country of   of screen pipe of   of core of filter of oily   of chain of high temperature of   of bucket of pressure of   of beater of   of   membrane pump.

     major supplies air spray gun: Hand of W-71 W-61  of Japanese cliff cropland moves R-100 of Bao Li of R-71  of Bao Li of Taiwan of W-101  automatic WA-100 .

     product basically applies extensively at the industry such as Bao of meal of spray of hardware, hardware, family property, computer, monitor, VCD, freezer, air conditioning, sound box, microwave oven, report, and all trades and professions such as mechanical and electrical products of autocycle, bicycle, instrument, appearance, plastic, toy, light industry.

     Dongguan 100 Nuo company is a large and solely invested enterprise, technical force is abundant, treatment technology is advanced. Professional design, make reach a sale equipment of furnish of abroad brand besmear. The enterprise reachs experience through absorbing domestic and international advanced technique extensively, come to an enterprise nearly ten years integral project is designed and make a level get reflect and be developinged in each domains. Equipment already reached a product to sell each district of past whole nation, sell as far as to southeast Asia, Euramerican wait for a country.   company is founded 2001, headquarters is set in Taiwan, its branch and delegate place spread all over China to pick up district of more than 10 cities, hold water in succession: Shenzhen agency, Shanghai agency, Beijing agency, Jiangsu agency, peaceful wave agency, lukewarm state agency.   company with " science and technology, innovation, sincere letter, service " to manage a tenet, offer the spray facility that combines newest science and technology and applied technology for the client. Get in the market by right of the service with high grade product, perfect move the client is approbated extensively with good recognition.   welcomes to make an on-the-spot investigation and be patronized your wholeheartedly!   lets us cooperate to develop in all hand in hand!
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