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Besmear holds small key: The method that coating dip besmears and skill
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<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> &nbsp (1) the viscosity of the rate that the ply of paint film basically promotes on the object definitely and lacquer fluid. After the viscosity that controlled lacquer fluid by afore-mentioned requirements, the utmost that controls according to paint film 30um is spent, according to different equipment, the experiment determines appropriate promotion rate. By this rate equably promotion is besmeared thing. Promotion rate is rapid, paint film is thin; Promotion rate is slow, paint film is deep and inhomogenous. &nbsp<BR>     (2) besmear operation causes dip to be besmeared go up sometimes, lower paint film has ply difference, be being besmeared next brims of content appear especially fleshy stockpile. To raise the adornment sex of coating, get rid of with brush handiwork when small lot dip besmears the Qi Di of redundant stockpile, usable also and centrifugal force or electrostatic gravitation equipment get rid of these lacquer drip. </FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>     (3) ligneous the time of a dip besmear cannot too long, lest lumber is inspiratory the coating of excessive, cause work slow and waste. </FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>     (4) after large thing dip besmears, drying oven sends again after should waiting for solvent to volatilize basically. The coating that position holds with more generous smear when the examination does not stick a hand, the finger mark that do not have a hand is accurate. </FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>     (5) notice coating viscosity ceaselessly determine, every should determine 1-2 second viscosity, if viscosity heighten exceeds 10% of former viscosity, should fill in time add solvent. When adding solvent, should suspend dip besmear operation. After mix is even, determine viscosity, continue to work again next. </FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>     (6) should notice to be besmeared the outfit of thing is hanged. Register way through trying dip to design hanger and outfit beforehand, make sure workpiece is in optimal position when dip besmears. Should be close to by the oldest plane of besmear content perpendicular, other plane and level show 10 ° - 40 ° horn, make the besmear of more than lacquer installs a face to go up can relatively glibly flows, do not produce bag lacquer as far as possible or " air bag " phenomenon. </FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>     (7) be in to prevent solvent inside the workshop diffuse to fall into lacquer chamfer with dust inside, dip lacquer chamfer should be protected rise. Beyond exercise time, small dip lacquer chamfer should be built, big dip lacquer chamfer needs to discharge coating clean, clean with solvent at the same time. </FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>     (8) strengthen ventilated equipment, avoid the harm of solvent steam; Notice the arrangement of fire prevention arrange and regular examination. <BR></FONT></P>
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