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High pressure does not have operating rules of safety of gas spray machine
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<FONT&nbspface=Verdana>1. Before starting, pressure regulator valve, relief valve should be in open condition, suck person tube, tube of loop tube connect and pressure watch, high pressure reachs spray gun to wait to all should join firm. <BR>2. Spray burning point is when the combustible coating under 21 ℃ , must receive good ground wire, the one termination electromotor of ground wire 0 lines position, another end should receive coating barrel or by the metallic object of gush. Spray machine is not gotten and be put in same room by gush content, all round forbidden have bright fire. <BR>3. Before exercise, answer to record movement for nothing first, undertake locomotive checking with water or dissolvent next. After affirming movement is normal, just can work. <BR>4. In spray, when spray gun jams, answer to shut the gun first, make nozzle handle rotates 180 ° , open spray gun to eliminate to jam with pressure coating again content, should jam serious when, after should stopping machine discharge to press, tear open next nozzle, eliminate to block up. <BR>5. Must not try high-pressured efflux with finger, efflux is forbidden be opposite other personnel. When spray clearance, should conveniently closes plant of spray gun safety. <BR>6. The radius of bend of high-pressured tube must not be less than 250mm, also must not use a foot to step on high-pressured tube on acerb object. <BR>7. In exercise, when cease time is longer, should stop machine discharge to press, put the nozzle position of spray gun person dissolvent inside. <BR>8. After exercise, answer to clean spray gun thoroughly. When cleaning, do not get solvent regurgitate inside small-bore solvent bucket. Should prevent to produce electrostatic scintilla to cause catch fire. <BR>9. The transmission part that high pressure appears without gas spray machine is due shield, when exercise, must not disassemble at will. <BR>10. High pressure besmears without gas blowout machinery should be installed inside the canopy that prevents rain, windbreak sand. <BR>11. Lay aside the machinery of reoccupy for a long time, outside essential mechanical part maintenance is being divided before be being used, must measure electromotor insulation resistance, eligible and rear can make. <BR></FONT>

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