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Research and development of CS new-style nozzle is successful on industrial appl
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    is used at heavy oil catalytic cracking, be accepted formally by bureau of national intellectual property at the same time the nozzle of CS efficient pulverization of 3 patent application is in our country already research and development is successful, obtain delectable result on industrial application.  

New-style nozzle

The new-style CS nozzle after      improves has the following characteristic: Accept improvement state of affairs of fluid mist region, if cut off,fluid mist and the wet activator that touch fluid mist partly and promotion are in charge of Bian Bi to contact, vapour of different way multistage sheds efflux of a concussion pulverization, gush to cover an area inside nozzle big and thin, add the measure such as nozzle periphery length, combine particular case to undertake specific design, namely alleged " quantity body is custom-built " , do not get general design. Make nozzle has mist to change average bead diameter to be less than 60 micron, and long cycle is used (3 years) , low steam consumption (vapour measures 5 % to control) , fight a form anxious, not only can raise light oil and liquid gas to close rate, and operation flexibility is good with adaptability strong.

     is improved model heavy oil catalytic cracking is efficient pulverization nozzle -- , CS is new-style nozzle, the catalytic cracking that already was in enterprise of nearly 10 oil, petrifaction applies on device, all obtain approbate.  

Research and development of CS new-style nozzle is successful on industrial application

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