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Steel model multiple tube is full automatic besmear holds product line- - the pr
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Multiple tube of < steel model is full automatic besmear installs product line >

     produces per year 15 thousand tons- - inside and outside of canal of first solder of domestic besmears directly model- - water supply Tu Sufu adds up to steel tube (multiple tube of appellative steel model) full automatic besmear outfit product line applies chemical project institute to offer by Hangzhou Tubang.  

Solder canal inside and outside besmears (or call steel tube inside and outside besmear)- - it is direct that water supply Tu Sufu adds up to steel tube be in charge of with solder (also can be in charge of for galvanization) for matrix, through pre-treatment, heat, heat sucks besmear, stream smooth, outside multiple tube of a kind of when the craft such as spray, solidify, huff produces new-style environmental protection material. Coating material can have multiple choice, general inside coating uses provision level modified compound polyethylene coating, with solder the canal is having extremely powerful adherent force, coating uses strong glue to be able to bear or endure outside await model modified is compound polyester, produce and use, " all is not had in carriage process eduction of 3 useless " , canal of model of steel of besmear of this kind of inside and outside holds the double function of a metallic canal and plastic pipe concurrently. The product that tall sex price compares makes apply to: Canal of duct of fluid of food of canal, chemical industry, fire control, adornment provides hose of service pipe, straight water, gas liquid gas, the applied domain such as the anticorrosive canal, canal that wear a line.  

Recently, what should invite Zhejiang university and steel model multiple tube the technical mechanism that group of the expert inside course of study makes a valve to this product line; Technological process; Specific power consumption and environmental protection; Produce can; Equipment and product stability; Safety performance; Safeguard the respect such as cost to undertake comprehensive evaluation, the result shows this product line is integrated 8 big functions, came true alone outside besmear, alone inside at the same time besmear installs besmear, inside and outside, also can besmear outfit is of all kinds sex of thermoplastic, hot solid coating, tu Yuan is in charge of and just can be in charge of, the big span besmear that realized 15 ~ 200mm to provide way is installed. Fill the blank of product line of outfit of besmear of inside and outside of domestic steel tube.

Steel model multiple tube is full automatic besmear holds product line- - the product is recommended

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