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How to choose correctly to save the spray gun of lacquer environmental protectio
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How to choose correctly to save the spray gun of lacquer environmental protection, the spray equipment such as spray machine?

Of spray gun of    traditional air deliver efficiency (paint namely utilization rate) be in about 30% the left and right sides, and additionally 70% spray dissolvent of the left and right sides distribute as flying mist among surroundings, waste paint or coating in great quantities, raise economic cost not only, and the poisonous and harmful material such as TVOC, benzene and formaldehyde is discharged very big, pollute atmosphere and water system environment badly, the person that damage construction at the same time is healthy. And use the spray gun that accords with HVLP standard or spray device, can great reduce flying mist to reach rebound (spend in season) , reduce the solvent discharge capacity such as paint, smooth accelerant, big political integrity makes an appointment with spray dosage, what can maintain working environment at the same time is neat, the member that protect atmosphere environment and construction person is healthy.
HVLP is the abbreviate of High Volume Low Pressure, chinese means sheds the air spray that measures low-pressure power high, it is arrange of American environmental protection (EPA) the standard of spray of lacquer of province of an environmental protection that establishs, a lot of countries all introduce the whole world this standard. American Apollo company is in 20 worlds 70 time introduce HVLP technology the market, the attention that then caused air of arrange of American environmental protection to pledge the quantity runs committee had final definition finally to HVLP technology at 80 time. Namely of spray equipment or spray gun deliver efficiency must prep above 65% , (of spray gun of environmental protection of HVLP of Apollo of for example United States and spray machine deliver efficiency to be as high as 80% above) nozzle is in air outlet pressure to be equal to or be less than 10PSI (about 0.68 kilograms / square centimeter) , ability says for HVLP spray equipment.
Now, because HVLP spray equipment transcends strong economy and environmental protection gender, be in abroad, spray paints, clean provides face-lifting, smooth accelerant construction is waited a moment, great majority uses HVLP spray device, can achieve high grade surface result not only so, still can managing and many lacquer makings dosage, make the unit cost of construction is reduced about 50% . What be worth to be carried particularly is, many construction experiment makes clear, spray smooth accelerant, the spray gun of professional HVLP metal that uses equipment of spray of portable HVLP turbine and 0.4mm caliber can achieve first-rate result, won't generation shedding hangs a phenomenon, coating is even, construction efficiency is taller at the same time.
We are in when choosing HVLP equipment, the characteristic that should be aimed at construction above all will choose suitable HVLP equipment, if construction process is medium, need often alternates construction site, be not the spray task that orders construction for long surely, ought to choose equipment of spray of portable turbine HVLP, smooth accelerant of for example spray, decorate spray paint, carpentry is made, furniture and clean provide face-lifting to wait a moment; If need to secure the spray job of construction site for long, ought to choose the spray gun of factory type, for example automobile factory, furniture manufactory is waited a moment.
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