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Pulverous and electrostatic spray is protected in the freeway bar board the appl
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                   powder is electrostatic spray is protected in the freeway bar board the application that go up
      is protected to the freeway bar board requirement, develop as what our country freeway builds and increasingly grow in quantity. Because defend,bar board find a place for in open air, suffer the effect of climate and environment, because this defends,bar board demand of technology of exterior besmear outfit is higher, make exterior film has be able to bear or endure goodly await a gender, fight corrode wait for function, the exterior has ideal adornment sex. Our country freeway defends bar board with galvanizing board for many, its surface color is onefold, and be able to bear or endure await a gender to reach fight corrode wait for function all under powder is electrostatic the function of spray board, and place of craft of Fu of more other besmear cannot be likened to the diversification of the free from contamination of craft of pulverous and electrostatic spray, pulverous color. At present abroad already used pulverous and electrostatic spray to defend in great quantities bar board.
Bar to get used to our country freeway to protect board development demand, design of company of engineering of technology of outfit of Zhejiang university besmear made produce per year a quantity to be protected for 600 kilometers bar board product line of model of pulverous and electrostatic gush. Use a circumstance actually to look from equipment, this product line reached design target, spray product performance is better.
Craft of 1  product line summarizes this product line to comprise by two automation line: The first, pre-treatment of work of type of semi-automatic chamfer dip and workpiece take off current waterline; The 2nd, full automatic workpiece is electrostatic dusting and automation line of workpiece powder solidify.
Freeway of craft of pre-treatment of type of 1.1  chamfer dip defends bar plank is hot-rolling board character, its surface oxidizes below high temperature and produce oxidation skin. Purify oxidation skin depends on the dose that divide rust is right of oxidation skin penetrable (permeate) force. They are used additive is added in mixture acid, have below normal temperature permeate quickly, change except oily, chromium, the function of skin of oxidation of the purify inside the short time such as delay corrode. Solved temperature of groovy and vitriolic law so tall, environment pollutes the problem with influential function of big, material, reduced the investment expenses of equipment and workshop maintenance cost greatly.

Workpiece phosphor changes craft to use normal temperature to change a technology without broken bits phosphor, solved add Wen Lin to spend craft waste time at present can big, residual much, return yellow wait for a problem, and manufacturing technology management is convenient, use an United States plan and PH test paper to be able to be adjusted with control. Fluid of every kilograms of job can handle workpiece 50-60m2, below 3-5min of temperature 0-35 Celsius, time, formation phosphor converts film all constant inside 2.0-2.5g/m2, the spray of working procedure of the line after assuring asks.
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