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Project name: Biology deodorization equipment purchase invite public bidding (3.
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Project name: Equipment of   biology deodorization purchase invite public bidding (3.08)   Guangdong  
What belong to an industry:     of   special device
Issue date:  2006-03-08   
Mark dispatch content:  
Suffer buyer to entrust pair of following products and service to undertake international makes public emulative invite public bidding. Invite acceptable bidder to attend now bid.  
1, the name of product of invite public bidding, amount and main technique parameter:  
Equipment of deodorization of biology of the 6th packet of   (Bao An is installed)  
  of equipment of aircraft of aeration of channel of oxidation of type of plate-spinning of the 7th packet of  
The equipment   such as machine of grille of the 8th packet of  , gate and a powerful person
Sheet of drive of center of the 9th packet of   is in charge of type to suck slimy machine  
2, price of file of invite public bidding: Every wrap   of 500 yuan of RMBs
3, buy time of archives of invite public bidding: Come since this day bid end time stops, everyday 09:00-17:00, holiday except  
4, bid end time and time of open sealed tenders: 2006-03-28 10:00:00 

Contact: Yang Jing phone: 010 - 62223054   62222210 62225337

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