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The 3rd China (Chongqing) exhibition of international car production technology

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<DIV&nbspalign=center><B> the 3rd China (Chongqing) </B></DIV> of exhibition of international car production technology and equipment, material
<DIV&nbspalign=center><B> the corresponding period holds: China (Chongqing) </B></DIV> of exhibition of international car component
<DIV&nbspalign=center><B> time: Ground of 18&nbsp-20 day &nbsp nodded in September 2008: Chongqing exhibits central </B><B></B></DIV>
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<DIV><B>CIASE2008</B><B> introductive &nbsp</B></DIV>
Car of international of Chongqing of the 2nd China makes <DIV> exhibition of technology and equipment, material in September 2007 14-16 day exhibits a center to be held successfully in Chongqing, extending the theme of the meeting is " reveal, communication, win-win, development " . Previous term or session exhibits meeting dimensions to amount to 12000 square metre, in all assemble ginseng of nearly 200 domestic and international well-known companies is exhibited, professional audience achieves 18000 person-time, showpiece objective achieves many 180, be like: Helpful friend of group of force powerful science and technology, Qingdao, Zhejiang 10 thousand abundant, Jiangsu is medium machinery of heart of couplet of big, Chongqing, ABB, general ultrasonic of star of harbor of harbor of testing instrument of Xiang Gang iron, Windsor, Zhang Jia, Shenzhen is big a group of things with common features laser, Shenzhen is surpassed, reflected exhibit can purchase, the mobile tenet of collaboration, communication. <B></B></DIV>
<DIV> Chongqing is one of base of 6 big old industry, industrial base is solid, class is all ready, integrated capability of form a complete set is strong. It is the industrial town of military importance with the largest advanced position of the Yangtse River and traffic hub, also be an open modern city at the same time. Magazine of fortune of bank of U.N. , world, United States already labelled Chongqing China one of 4 cities that have development latent capacity most greatly. </DIV>
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