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Cleanness of industry of finishing of 2008 China Suzhou produces technical exhib

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<DIV&nbspalign=center><B>2008</B><B> Suzhou of the 3rd China eletroplates cleanness of course of study produces technical exhibition </B></DIV>
Cleanness of industry of finishing of <DIV&nbspalign=center><B>2008</B><B> China Suzhou produces technical exhibition </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> the corresponding period holds: Suzhou city eletroplates association </B></DIV> of congress of the 6th member
<DIV><B> Banquet of couplet of project of surface of city of triangle of the 15th subaltern meets &nbsp </B></DIV>
<DIV><B>2008</B><B> year on October 31 </B><B> , on November 2 Technology of product of &nbsp international environmental protection trades central </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> [sponsor an unit] : Commission of trade of Suzhou city economy Development of estate of new and high technology runs &nbsp Suzhou country appoint meeting </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> &nbsp</B><B> Suzhou country is new and high </B></DIV> of association of industry of technical environmental protection
<DIV><B> Suzhou country is new and high </B></DIV> of bureau of environmental protection of technical estate development
<DIV><B> Suzhou city eletroplates association </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> [undertake unit] :  sails numerous?/B></DIV> of travel of grey word of Xue of 2  fragrant border
<DIV><B> [assist run an unit] : ?/B></DIV> of  of silk ribbon of こ of E of discharge  rice huller
<DIV><B> [webpage and magazine media support] : </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> eletroplates with finishing media: &Nbsp China eletroplates net China eletroplates equipment net is contemporary eletroplate China eletroplates website whole world eletroplates net Wen Zhou eletroplates website China eletroplates auxiliary net net of production of cleanness of finishing market conditions discovers net of Hui Cong of net of finishing of industry of China of net of China International finishing resource China surface activator net " eletroplate to be acted the role of with essence of life " "
<DIV><B> besmear outfit and environmental protection media: &Outfit of besmear of thermal spraying net of China of net of equipment of furnish of Nbsp China besmear and eletroplate besmear of China of Chinese besmear outfit installs environmental protection of finishing net China online China environmental protection cleans </B></DIV> of net of environmental protection of the Europe in net of environmental protection of whole world of network of equipment of net environmental protection
<DIV><B> other media: Discharge  inclined Ling basks in drought personal ferment  " ⌒ of vinegar of fragrant border of Bian of frequency of ≈ of ∮ of Mei Zi  walks on  of Zhu of Mo porcelain candy " Ji abduct is inclined sunshine  of  ≈ discharge vanadium fleeing  "  of guest of  temple Tu " Pcb of power source net of Ji?65 China
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