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Outfit of finishing of international of the 3rd 2008 Dalian, besmear and eletrop

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Outfit of finishing of international of the 3rd Dalian, besmear reachs <P&nbspalign=center><FONT&nbspface=Verdana&nbspsize=3><STRONG>2008 eletroplate industrial exhibition </STRONG></FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> &nbsp time: On May 28, 2008, on May 30 &nbsp place: Dalian star sea can exhibit central </FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> sponsors an unit: Government of Dalian city people &nbsp Liaoning saves machinist Cheng to learn exterior technology branch Commerce of China of <BR> of &nbsp     promotes <BR> of committee Dalian branch to support an unit: Jilin of &nbsp of society of project of Heilongjiang province machinery saves machinist Cheng to learn <BR> China machinist Cheng to learn exterior project branch &nbsp<BR> undertakes unit: Dalian China exhibits an exhibition to serve limited company <BR> assist run an unit: Media of <BR> of limited company of plan of double new exhibition supports Dalian: <BR> of   of net of finishing of China International of &nbsp of net of finishing of industry of China of &nbsp of   of net of Hui Cong finishing increases predestined relationship net frequently &nbsp China eletroplates net Coating of China of <BR> of   of &nbsp of net of business affairs of &nbsp China thermal spraying is online &nbsp China eletroplates auxiliary net China of &nbsp<BR> of net of equipment of furnish of &nbsp China besmear eletroplates website of coating of China of website   &nbsp &nbsp of   of net of outfit of besmear of China of <BR> of intranet of battalion of the countryman in &nbsp " besmear outfit and eletroplate " &nbsp " exterior project information "   <BR> " anticorrosive project " &nbsp " discover resource • finishing " Dalian of &nbsp<BR> of character of the &nbsp before <BR> of &nbsp     is the industrial city with our country main north, industrial class is all ready, capability of integrated form a complete set is strong. The country revitalizes base of northeast old industry to gift to Dalian special policy and influence, at present the industry of Dalian has decisive place in China, very influential in home like the industry such as a replacement of chemical industry, electron, car, mechanical equipment, coating, shipbuilding, engine force. This is installed to coating, besmear, eletroplate, environmental protection, clean bring infinite business chance. For base of better stimulative northeast old industry revitalize with transform, transform those who extend one of series as northeast industry " outfit of finishing of international of the 3rd 2008 Dalian, besmear and eletroplate industrial exhibition " , assemble domestic and international the new technology of the most advanced exterior project technology and abluent domain, new technology, new material, new facility, of course of study of compose Construction Bank reveal, communication and commerce platform, thereby aids the climax that lifts base of northeast old industry to revitalize. &nbsp<BR> " outfit of finishing of international of the 3rd 2008 Dalian, besmear and eletroplate industrial exhibition " cordial ground invites global each enterprise ginseng is exhibited. Organization of ardently greeting world each country, various places exhibits trade mission to come round to attend, search business chance, conspire to develop. We will be in await respectively of beautiful bank of Dalian star bay your arrival, congratulate beforehand you to obtain the positive result of plentiful and substantial on exhibition. <BR> exhibits can review <BR> to occupy organizing committee statistic: "Outfit of finishing of international of the 2nd 2007 Dalian, besmear and eletroplate industrial exhibition " recieve in all come from countrywide each district to see business 11235 people, lid of visiting Shang Han eletroplates, communication of treatment of shipping of besmear outfit,  , car, autocycle, machine tool, component, electron, chemical industry, metallurgy, hardware, iron and steel, plastic reach plastic products, mechanical mould to make, project, medical treatment, spin, presswork, agricultural machinery, , purchase business and organization, large-scale production professionally domestic and internationally to machine user unit, professional personage and relevant user to wait. <BR> major visits business to basically come from the following respects: <BR> shipbuilding: Shipbuilding of Dalian of Dalian shipping heavy industry, STX, medium distant ship Wu, long promote shipbuilding, suitable lustre the shipbuilding austral shipping heavy industry, distant; <BR> mechanical electron: Show beauty of the electrician below group, Hua Lu group, pine, 3 foreign electric machinery, Hong Kong greatly inferior, Toshiba Dalian; <BR> car: Engine of group of heavy steam of Dalian engine, China, one steam group, Changchun, Shanghai is general Dong Yue, medium steam blocks Mass to wait; <BR> iron and steel: Dalian is steel of steely group, northeast spy, medium group of iron and steel of group of steel of steel group, Qi Lu spy, saddle steel, Benxi; <BR> pressure vessel: Suitable boiler of heavy industry of state of Dalian boiler, gold, brigade, Harbin triumphant China heating furnace of Song Jiang of boiler, Harbin; <BR> electric power: Electric equipment of Long Jiang of equipment of pyroelectricity of Nature's engineering of group of group of Dalian power electric equipment, industry of Hua Xing nucleus, Shenyang, Heilongjiang; <BR> is other: Thunder of one heavy, gold weighs metallurgy of the collect in refrigeration of labour, iceberg, Dalian, Dalian to remove heavy, <BR> 3 foreign refrigeration, 3 high groups, LS produces steel of report, saddle heavy-duty, day establishs machinery, Central Plains to rise heavy, ; Finishing, besmear installs ★ of &nbsp<BR> of limits of <BR> item on display to act the role of technology, raw material, equipment with essence of life: Clean, abrade, go burr and polish, change film, eletroplate, outfit of besmear of pretreatment, electrophoresis, zincous oxidation, non-conductive n processing of body metallization, plating on plastics, aluminous profile, electrostatic spray, pulverous spray, thermal spraying, paint besmears room of outfit, gush, carry system, drying-out, . <BR> ★ eletroplates (contain chemical plating, hot dip plating) : Rack plating, barrel plating is automatic product line, eletroplate the power source of equipment, commutate, filter, fan that do not have oil, drier, heat exchanger, heat device, eletroplate material of hanger, chemical industry, zincous material, of all kinds additive, wait except miscellaneous agent, rarefied agent. <BR> ★ chemical reachs raw material: Natural colophony, synthetic resin, painty, dissolvent, filling, filler, auxiliary (agent of thickener, activator, dispersive agent, emulsifying agent, couplet, anti-foaming agent, antiseptic, stabilizing agent) , printing ink, stick and agent. <BR> ★ around handles: Chemistry and ultrasonic are cleaned except rust, equipment of the aftertreatment craft of besmear, film, anticorrosive technology. <BR> ★ control and analytic instrument: Measuring instrument of box of saline mist chamber, ageing tests, acid-base value, corrode measuring instrument of testing instrument, viscosity, surface to go up power measuring instrument, corrode testing instrument of rate instrument, coating, corrode electrochemistry instrument implement etc corrodes test equipment. <BR> ginseng exhibits item &nbsp<BR>A&nbsp to extend a service: <BR> standard is exhibited (3m*3m&nbsp9M&sup2; ) Course of study of &nbsp condition foreign enterprise &nbsp2000 dollar / <BR> home company &nbspA kind exhibit 6000 yuan of RMB / &nbspB kind exhibit 5600 yuan of RMB / <BR> only place (at least 36M&sup2; ) company of     home course of study of foreign enterprise of condition of M&sup2; &nbsp of 500 yuan of RMB / &nbsp of ※ of M&sup2;<BR> of 200 dollars / advocate two side of passageway add valence 20%<BR> special clew: The standard is exhibited include to exhibit a field and 3 wainscot, lintel board to make, negotiate desk a piece, electrical outlet of power source of two chairs, 220V, shoot the light two. <BR>B advertisement asks for calm: Dimension of <BR> proceedings of a conferences is 142mmX210mm, make elegant, presswork the amount is large, send ginseng exhibit business and industry user. <BR> layout charge (RMB / yuan) layout charge (RMB / yuan) <BR> cover the page inside 10000 color 6000<BR> back cover 8000 black and white pages 3000<BR> inside front cover, inside back cover 7000 entrance ticket 50000 pieces / address of organizing committee of <BR> of means of connection of organizing committee of 6000 yuan of <BR> : Area of Dalian city Zhongshan is friendly 1203 rooms of special zone of 211 business affairs (116001) <BR> report &nbsp word:   86-411-82310651/52 turns 806 &nbsp is linear: 86-411-82310625<BR> is passed &nbsp is true: &nbsp 86-411-82310691/92<BR> couplet &nbsp fastens &nbsp person: &nbsp Feng Jia &nbspmail&nbsp of – of 86-411-81623882 &nbsp13514115005<BR>E &nbsp:<BR> net &nbsp location:<BR></FONT></P>
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