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Technology of vehicle maintenance and repair of the 2nd Guangzhou, tool reachs e

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<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> <FONT&nbspsize=3><STRONG> Technology of vehicle maintenance and repair of the 2nd Guangzhou, tool reachs &nbsp equipment exhibition </STRONG></FONT> <BR> When between &nbsp: 2008.3. &nbsp13, 15<BR> &nbsp ground &nbsp nods: Guangzhou • China exports a trade fair (road drifting a flower 117) <BR> Website of &nbsp ☆ congress: <A&nbsphref= "" ></A><BR> sponsors an unit: Hong Kong of <BR> of limited company of advisory service of autocycle of car of dimension of spic of <BR> of guild of maintenance of autocycle of car of city of Zhuhai of <BR> of guild of maintenance of autocycle of car of city of Guangzhou of <BR> of association of equipment of the market after <BR> Asia-Pacific car, component industry international can exhibit Basite (: <BR> Guangzhou exhibits Ba Si of Guangzhou of limited company <BR> to exhibit the corresponding period of limited company <BR> to hold especially inereasingly: Articles for use of automobile of &nbsp<BR>2007-2008 whole nation (current service) forum of height of conserve of vehicle maintenance and repair of whole nation of <BR> of industry prize-giving ritual &nbsp<BR> the 3rd China (Guangzhou) <BR> of exhibition of international car hairdressing ■ reviewing of previous term or session &nbsp<BR> &nbsp<BR> previous term or session is exhibited can reach industry of autocycle of car of component industry association, Guangzhou city to maintain autocycle of car of dimension of association, spic to seek advice from development of beneficial of service limited company, Guangzhou to see limited company, Guangzhou by equipment of the market after Asia-Pacific car Basite exhibits limited company organization to hold and at. <BR> is exhibited can get the United States is stationed in Guangzhou consulate, Japan commerce to revitalize orgnaization Guangzhou to represent house of trade of Korea of place, Guangzhou, France to be stationed in China &nbsp of place of embassy Guangzhou economy, Malaysia is stationed in Guangzhou consulate general (commerical department) , peaceful kingdom is stationed in federal of commerical department of Guangzhou consulate general, Austria foreign trade of chamber of commerce, Italy. Nearly 30 thousand public figures inside course of study are present look around purchase, the conference achieves complete success. <BR> is additional, on March 14, 2007 morning, by autocycle of Guangzhou city car association of trade of dimension cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine sponsors " industry of maintenance of Guangzhou city motor vehicle tells civilization sincere letter is excellent service unit awards card ceremony " in exhibit the square outside the meeting to be held ceremoniously. City is handed in appoint, representing of main leader, expert, enterprise waits for city maintenance association in all 200 more than person entered this activity. Standing vice-chairman chaired association Lin Minxian to award card ceremony. City is handed in appoint the leader such as Director Xian Weixiong is 63 " sincere actor unit " issued " sincere letter is excellent service unit " board. Association " 315 " mobile success is held, can increase an audience to exhibit not only, and promoted exhibit the value of the meeting. </FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> ■ choice Guangzhou steam defends the 3 big reason that exhibit &nbsp<BR> one, the biggest gain on automobile industry catenary " cheese " the <BR> rapid development as Chinese economy, the abidance that common people buys a car to measure grows, market of car after service jumps. The analysis shows related abroad, the car market of a completely mature internationalization, the profit of the market after the car makes work will take industry profit 50% to 60% , the biggest gain on catenary of industry of the automobile that be called " cheese " . <BR> 2, the biggest steam defends throughout the country of race to control market &nbsp<BR> is current, manufacturing industry of our country automobile with year average the rate of 24.5% rises, predict to 2010 the car retains the quantity will achieve 60 million. Will form 1, the 1.5 trillion yuan market after exceeding large-scale car to make work. The car sale that Guangdong saved 2005 already exceeded 300 thousand, 1/3 what occupy countrywide total sales, the car retains first what the quantity ranks the whole nation. <BR> 3, brand-new the market after the oldest car makes work basically centers the ground &nbsp<BR> China that the market, steam protects a manufacturer to be contended for surely in 3 old economy of Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai to encircle. Current, beijing and Shanghai are protected as a result of steam exhibit the meeting is frequent, the market is relatively saturated. And because Guangdong is protected without big professional steam all the time exhibit, belong to brand-new steam to keep the market, for the ground that the manufacturer contends for surely. Additional, guangzhou has the whole nation's richest foreign trade resource and the foreign trade window with serve as the whole nation important, to be faced with the steam of pressure of home market competition to protect an enterprise to march the international market offers more opportunities. <BR> ■ articles for use of automobile of whole nation of <BR>2007-2008 of activity of the corresponding period (current service) <BR> of industry prize-giving ritual joins meeting staff: Branny? of insane of  of ǚ of Wang of pilfer of favour of frowsty boil of cleanse of    includes business of jobber, service, supplier) company controller, in all time of 350 people <BR> : 2<BR> of forum of height of conserve of car of <BR> whole nation joins meeting staff 8 years on March 13 afternoon:  of negative Piao pulling mouth wraps up uncut jade of ど of  of flute of    quail of dry up of skip of large bamboo hat of ζ of ┯ of ⒐ of accept   this time of?50 person <BR> : 28 years on March 14 morning <BR> the 3rd (China) giant; exceeds battle array of <BR> of exhibition of international car hairdressing 6000 square metre reveal area, item on display to include result of <BR> of product of hairdressing of car of world each district remarkable: Feed Juan to bask in person-time of?5000 of  of the  that drink alarm, clinch a deal tremendous <BR> ■ exhibit □ of meeting program <BR> to report for duty cloth exhibits: In March 2008 10-12 day &nbsp □ installs enterprise cloth to exhibit especially: Standard of □ of 10-12 day <BR> exhibited a cloth in March 2008: In March 2008 11-12 day &nbsp □ reveals trade: In March 2008 13 - □ of 15 days of <BR> concludes remove exhibit: &nbsp of <BR> □ ground nodded at 14 o'clock on March 15, 2008 afternoon: Guangzhou • China exports a trade fair (road drifting a flower 117) <BR> ■ exhibit limits <BR> ◆ to maintain a car rise to be lifted again litre, maintenance of room of the fixed position balance, lacquer that bake, air conditioning, automobile body electric welding of gold of corrective, Ban, the technology that tool, tire renovates and. Testing instrument of <BR> ◆ car, personal computer and software system, experiment surveys merit system, computer analysis of automatic check line, engine diagnoses an instrument, tail gas detects analytic instrument. Type of door of the rinsing equipment of &nbsp<BR> ◆ car, dragon, channel type is large the machine that wash a car, clear lotion, liquid waste reclaims the system. The special lubricant that &nbsp<BR> ◆ car maintains, additive, paint, atom is grey, sealant, coating, stick receive a dose, equipment of station of gas station, air entrainment. Assembly of spare parts of &nbsp<BR> ◆ car, component, machine parts or tools kept in reserve, brake piece, wiring harness, tire, filter, storage battery and the of all kinds part that are used at maintenance, assembly. <BR> ◆ vehicle maintenance and repair, detect, clean equipment of professional tool equipment and education realia, test, engine assembly dismantles outfit and rinsing equipment; Car (truckload) maintain technological equipment; Special repairman is provided; System of car air conditioning is maintained; Four-wheel fixed position appearance; The car is lubricant equipment of conserve education test. <BR> ◆ is the teaching material of all sorts of vehicle repair technologies, realia, book, software, website, CD, patent technology of club of achievement, car, vehicle maintenance and repair grooms the school. </FONT></P>
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