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Exhibition of equipment of industry of international of Chongqing of the 9th Chi

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<DIV> ginseng exhibits an unit: <U> &nbsp </U> (Party B of the following abbreviation) &nbsp country / area <U> : &nbsp</U></DIV>
<DIV> company property: □ is state-owned &nbsp □ civilian battalion &nbsp □ share-holding system &nbsp □ China and foreign countries is joint-stock &nbsp □ foreign trader is solely invested <U> of &nbsp □ other &nbsp</U></DIV>
<DIV&nbspalign=left> address: <U> &nbsp</U> postcode <U> : &nbsp</U>E-mail:&Lt;U> &nbsp</U></DIV>
<DIV> contact: <U> &nbsp</U> post: <U> &nbsp</U> phone: <U> &nbsp</U> fax: <U> &nbsp</U></DIV>
<DIV> <U> of limits of &nbsp item on display: &nbsp Object of </U> main client or industry: <U> &nbsp</U></DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
</B></DIV> of <DIV><B> contract provision
<DIV>1, Party A agrees with Party B ginseng to exhibit application, affirm Party B exhibits stage position, area, price, payment and relevant content to be as follows: </DIV>
<DIV><U> &nbsp </U> house <U> &nbsp</U> exhibits an area, in all <U> &nbsp</U> exhibit or <U> &nbsp</U>M<SUP>2</SUP> glossy floor is accumulated. </DIV>
<DIV> exhibits a cost aggregate: RMB / dollar <U> &nbsp yuan </U> ; <U> of meeting Wu personnel &nbsp</U> name, meeting Wu expends aggregate &nbsp<U> Yuan; &nbsp</U></DIV>
Conduct propaganda of <DIV> other advertisement and charge (make clear please) <U>&nbsp </U></DIV>
<DIV> above expenses totals: RMB / dollar <U> &nbsp yuan, </U> (great <U> 10 thousand <U> of &nbsp</U> &nbsp</U> thousand <U> 100 <U> of &nbsp</U> &nbsp</U> picks up <U> &nbsp</U> yuan whole) . </DIV>
<DIV&nbspalign=left> payment: Party B decides this contract 3 days in the autograph inside, will relevant ginseng exhibits charge <U> &nbsp yuan, </U> collects congress to assign account by the regulation, party A of exceed the time limit has authority to be exhibited to Party B give cancel or bring into play. </DIV>
<DIV> account &nbsp door: Chongqing Wo Dezhan sees limited company </DIV>
Date of <DIV> account &nbsp: <B>346030100100045147</B></DIV>
<DIV> opens an account row: Promote </DIV> of subbranch of a bank of south bank of trade bank Chongqing
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