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Room of the gush of 2007 Shanghai international, lacquer that bake and besmear h

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Room of the gush of <DIV>2007 Shanghai international, lacquer that bake and exhibition of besmear furnish equipment will in August 28-30 day is in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center is held ceremoniously. Had affirmed participate in exhibit of the meeting those who come from country and the area such as Han of the United States, France, England, Germany, Italy, Australia, day, Hong Kong and Taiwan and Arabia purchase orgnaization of business and national trade, many official and expert will do special subject speech to wait to congress. Development of our country auto industry is rapid in recent years, year after year of scale of production increases by degrees, technical level is rising ceaselessly. In sale of market of room of the gush, lacquer that bake, see spurt from inside market share / the world that room of the lacquer that bake basically is card of home made product, show quality of brand of home made product to achieve a requirement, actor is taken on the price, this also is the account that numerous brand speaks again and again. Extending meeting trade is the platform with very main sale of of all kinds commodity, can know the manufacturing level of congener product already, can understand thoroughly product popularity trend again. Of current exhibition hold, the purpose is with " development, brand, communication " give priority to a problem, exhibit for broad ginseng extensive communication and cooperation are strengthened between the enterprise, enhance what go up in the international market to dispute ability unexpectedly, provide the capacious stage that an information transmission, technology communication, trade negotiates. </DIV>
<DIV><B></B> </DIV>
<DIV><B> audience organization and media publicize: &nbsp</B></DIV>
<DIV>1. Pass before the meeting phone, fax, email, website, mail, invitation, visit wait for a variety of forms to invite Germany, Korea, Italy, France, Japan, Indonesian, Vietnam, Thailand, United States, England, imprint cling to, of country and the area such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Arabia. </DIV>
<DIV>2. Exhibit meeting early days, sponsor an unit to will print 400 thousand pieces of invitation letter, entrance ticket, buy the home domestic and internationally to database hair is gone to or mail by what origanization construction builds relevant user / maintenance company / manufacturer / importer / agent / orgnaization of jobber  / government / unit of research and development / company of imports and exports / abroad purchases business / the unit such as the trading company is participated in exhibit meeting. Be in activity of conference of the professional exhibition of relevant domain, learning, industry and indent are met on, invite trafficker and professional personage extensively to attend a meeting look around, communication and commerce negotiate. </DIV>
<DIV>3. Hold much field technology to communicate meeting, press conference and seminar, negotiate in order to begin international technology communication, trade, new product is publicized, the industry expands the activity such as the trend. </DIV>
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