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Cleanness of industry of finishing of 2008 China Suzhou produces technical exhib
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<DIV><B> inside front cover: RMB 5000 yuan   inside back cover: RMB5000 yuan cross edition: RMB 7000 yuan Inside &nbsp black: RMB&nbsp2000 yuan </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> ◆ &nbsp exhibits meeting site ad: </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> arch: RMB 3000 yuan / balloon: RMB 2000 yuan / visiting trade papers is rear: RMB&nbsp3 10 thousand yuan / 30 thousand </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> entrance ticket: RMB&nbsp5000 yuan / 20 thousand Zhang Qi </B></DIV>
Communication of technology of <DIV><B> ◆ &nbsp meets (product promotion meets) : RMB2000 yuan / section (60 minutes) </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> [exhibit meeting conduct propaganda to popularize] </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> ◆ &nbsp is professional exhibit the success of the meeting to come from organize at effective client, sponsor an unit cogent set out from the interest that postpone business, inspect the lifeline that professional audience meets to exhibit, the invitation of professional audience and exhibit business to invite synchronism to undertake, through be being run normatively, strive to disentomb more has commercial value buy the home to come round to look around negotiate, exhibit in order to come true meeting the purpose that can develop continuously. </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> ◆ &nbsp passes the professional orgnaization such as association of each place trade to wait for means to sell business and terminal user to give out to agency, cent with invitation letter, entrance ticket, invitation invite, retain truly decision-making ability and the professional audience that purchase ability are participated in exhibit meeting. </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> ◆ and professional media are reached interactive, to release domestic and internationally exhibit meeting information. </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> [ginseng extend a program] : &Lt;/B></DIV>
<DIV><B>1</B><B> , ginseng exhibits an unit to must fill in in detail ginseng extend application form (contract) build official seal, fax or send to organizing committee agency; </B></DIV>
After <DIV><B>2</B><B> , enterprise signs up total ginseng pays to exhibit expense inside a week 50% as exhibit book gold or all ginseng to exhibit cost, extend an order allocation principle: "First application, prepaid money, arrange first " exhibit with expressing to be opposite affirm with advertising, more than beard is paid before October 10, 2008, exhibit arrive to be exhibited to affirm with the paragraph principle. The organizing committee is received after booking gold, to ginseng exhibit an enterprise to offer " exhibit a confirmation " reach " consult the directory that postpone business " . Ginseng exhibit business to be in affirm exhibit hind requirement cancel ginseng exhibits application, need to agree via the organizing committee, otherwise, its ginseng exhibits charge entirely to be not returned; </B></DIV>
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