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2008 China too technology of lake international finishing and equipment exhibiti
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<DIV&nbspalign=center><B>2008</B><B> China too technology of lake international finishing and equipment exhibition </B></DIV>
<DIV&nbspalign=center><B> shows time: 2008</B><B> year day of 9</B><B> month 17-20</B><B> &nbsp</B><B> shows a location: &Lt;/B><B> exhibits central </B></DIV> without stannic city new sports
<DIV&nbspalign=center><B> is invited &nbsp</B><B> is asked &nbsp</B><B> book </B></DIV>
<DIV><B> sponsors an unit: &Lt;/B>&nbsp China mechanical Joint Industry Conference &nbsp Jiangsu saves mechanical Joint Industry Conference &nbsp Without </DIV> of government of stannic city people
<DIV><B> undertakes unit: &Lt;/B>&nbsp does not have commission of trade of stannic city economy &nbsp does not have stannic city mechanical Joint Industry Conference &nbsp can exhibit limited company </DIV> without stannic city delta
<DIV><B> abroad representative: &International of Lt;/B>&nbsp Taiwan Asia-Pacific exhibits limited company </DIV>
<DIV><B> media is publicized: &Lt;/B></DIV>
Net of <DIV> Hui Cong &nbsp Anhui besmear installs a network &nbsp of net of equipment of furnish of &nbsp China besmear " eletroplate with environmental protection " &nbsp " material is protected " &nbsp</DIV>
<DIV> China besmear installs a network Net of &nbsp China electrophoresis &nbsp China eletroplates website &nbsp of net of &nbsp round-the-world finishing " eletroplate to be acted the role of with essence of life " &nbsp</DIV>
<DIV> Fujian besmear installs a network &nbsp Chongqing besmear installs a network &nbsp China western eletroplate net &nbsp of net of equipment of &nbsp China spray " eletroplate with cover with paint " &nbsp</DIV>
<DIV> China eletroplates net Net of &nbsp China coating &nbsp China eletroplates auxiliary net Net of &nbsp round-the-world finishing &nbsp</DIV> of net of finishing of &nbsp China International
<DIV> China eletroplates net China of &nbsp of &nbsp China thermal spraying net is plastic eletroplate net &nbsp contemporary coating and besmear of finishing of China of &nbsp of besmear outfit net install net &nbsp</DIV>
<DIV> Guangdong besmear installs a network &nbsp grows net of navigation of finishing of &nbsp of trigonometry coating net Activator of &nbsp China surface &nbsp</DIV> of net of equipment of finishing of net &nbsp China
Net of <DIV> Chinese coating City of &nbsp lukewarm state eletroplates &nbsp of net of coating of net &nbsp China " contemporary coating and besmear outfit " China eletroplates finishing </DIV>
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