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The 3rd China (Guangzhou) exhibition of international car hairdressing
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<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> is current, strong sth used to one's own advantage and advanced technique also swarmed into international sadly of China wash a car to maintain service market. With gallop be able to bear or endure conserve brand already lent the general, 3M, Tefulai, yellow cap international car hairdressing that is a delegate acting orgnaization pitch a camp in China, among them, gallop be able to bear or endure the chain that general visits area town 31 times in the whole nation joins in inn already amounted to hundreds. The huge market space of course of study of car hairdressing conserve and redound of investment of high specified number are attracting numerous investor to swarm into industry of this one rising sun. <BR> ■ <BR> of reviewing of previous term or session " the 2nd 2007 China (Guangzhou) exhibition of international car hairdressing " in each advocate, assist run an unit support energetically below, already exported a trade fair at was in Guangzhou • China on March 15, 2007 (road drifting a flower 117) fall smoothly next heavy curtain, obtain consummation. Dong Di of big, Shenzhen, Great Wall, United States is Bifoli, Xin Hui, people's expectations, giant, new in <BR> plain the firm of famous car hairdressing such as commerce joined previous term or session to exhibit. Global in all audience of 25868 person-time major visited previous term or session to exhibit meeting. <BR> is exhibited during the meeting, if stream of people is wet. Show the people widespread attention to car hairdressing adequately, more the huge market prospect that shows course of study of car hairdressing conserve. <BR>2008 the 3rd China (Guangzhou) exhibition of international car hairdressing already on March 2008 13, the trade fair is exported 15 days to shed beautiful road to exhibit a house to hold in Guangzhou • China, predicting exhibition dimensions will achieve 16000 square metre. Will continue to become car hairdressing to reach nurse things enterprise publicizes a brand, communication trades, develop the main platform of global market. <BR> ■ articles for use of automobile of whole nation of <BR>2007-2008 of activity of the corresponding period (current service) <BR> of industry prize-giving ritual joins meeting staff: Branny? of insane of  of ǚ of Wang of pilfer of favour of frowsty boil of cleanse of    includes business of jobber, service, supplier) company controller, in all time of 350 people <BR> : 2<BR> of forum of height of conserve of car of <BR> whole nation joins meeting staff 8 years on March 13 afternoon:  of negative Piao pulling mouth wraps up uncut jade of ど of  of flute of    quail of dry up of skip of large bamboo hat of ζ of ┯ of ⒐ of accept   this time of?50 person <BR> : 2Car of <BR> whole nation uses seat of couplet of chairman of chamber of commerce of moral course of study 8 years on March 14 morning meeting <BR> joins meeting staff: Time of <BR> of person of?00 of す of Ke of Yi of leave uncovered of glare of favour of frowsty boil of cleanse of Jian narrow  : 28 years on March 14 afternoon <BR> the 2nd China (Guangzhou) giant; exceeds technology of international vehicle maintenance and repair, tool and battle array of equipment exhibition <BR> 6000 square metre reveal area, item on display to include result of <BR> of equipment of technology of vehicle maintenance and repair of world each district remarkable: Feed Juan to bask in person-time of?5000 of  of the  that drink alarm, clinch a deal tremendous <BR> ■ exhibit □ of meeting program <BR> to report for duty cloth exhibits: In March 2008 10-12 day &nbsp □ installs enterprise cloth to exhibit especially: Standard of □ of 10-12 day <BR> exhibited a cloth in March 2008: In March 2008 11-12 day &nbsp □ reveals trade: In March 2008 13 - □ of 15 days of <BR> concludes remove exhibit: &nbsp of <BR> □ ground nodded at 14 o'clock on March 15, 2008 afternoon: Trade fair of exit of Guangzhou • China (road drifting a flower 117) <BR> ■ hairdressing of watch of car of &nbsp of ※ of exhibition limits <BR> nurses: Hairdressing of watch of car of   of automobile rinsing equipment nurses   is new / old car opens face of candle   lacquer to nurse   rehabilitate / spray paint of   of face-lifting car watch / emergency treatment of tire of   of the lacquer that bake / repair / detect / rehabilitate of face-lifting   glass / clean. High-quality goods of car of <BR> ※ &nbsp decorates: Seat cushion, seating, steering wheel is covered, crural mat, hold oxygen of the lock of pillow, headrest, perfume, guard against theft, lock that discharge archives, carpet, car in the arms, things of cartoon, sunshade, paster, rearview mirror, change one's costume or dress goods of charcoal of agent of mist of the lamp, smooth accelerant, gas, bamboo, ; System of <BR> ※ &nbsp nurses project: Engine of fuel system &nbsp is avoided tear open systematic &nbsp batholith to seal shot-off of loss of cistern of &nbsp of system of brake of &nbsp of project of system of engine of &nbsp of model armor system to clean &nbsp of systematic &nbsp cooling system to change (poor) fast box is cleaned maintain system. Car of <BR> ※ &nbsp defends product: Film of explosion proof heat insolation / prevent car of the   that bask in a cover to protect carry   to install electrostatic discharge implement. Chemical industry of hairdressing of car of <BR> ※ &nbsp: Candle of car of   of cleaner of   of antirust of   of additive   adhesive kind /   of additive of fuel of   of antifreeze of grey   of synergist   atom washs   of sealant of car fluid   to paint engine oil of kind of   of lube of   antiseptic   and chemical raw material. Room of car of <BR> ※ &nbsp changes his costume or dress series: Car seat / seating / sound insulation of car of   of cushion for leaning on / motivation of car of adiabatic project   / enter, exhaust system / brake system. Poineering investment of hairdressing of <BR> ※ &nbsp exhibits an area: Wash a car / hairdressing / maintain / repair store chain quickly to join in school of   car cosmetology / professional recruit students of car hairdressing   and form a complete set. <BR> ■ exhibit an expense &nbsp<BR> Standard of <BR> of course of study of foreign enterprise of condition of &nbsp churchyard company exhibits (3m × 3m or 3.6m × 2.4m) RMB&nbsp5000/ USD&nbsp1500/ <BR> is indoor solely (hire since 36 square metre) ground of the light of <BR> of ㎡ of RMB&nbsp500/ ㎡ USD&nbsp150/ outdoor (hire since 54 square metre) ㎡ of RMB&nbsp400/ ㎡ USD&nbsp100/ : 1, double-faced mouth is exhibited add close 10% what exhibit a cost; &nbsp2, special outfit exhibit an administration fee (by exhibition separately collection) : 28 yuan / ㎡. <BR> ■ exhibit a configuration &nbsp<BR> □ standard exhibits: Lintel of Chinese and English name board, a piece of 3 boarding, be in harmony talk about fluorescent lamp of two 2 desk, chairs, 40W. &nbsp<BR> □ is smooth &nbsp ground: Do not offer any configuration, by ginseng exhibit company proper motion design, build outfit exhibit. <BR> □ has &nbsp notes: Need special explain beforehand please with report and apply for, rate detailed sees " join the manual that postpone business " . <BR> ■ exhibit meeting advertisement &nbsp<BR> □ postpones meeting proceedings of a conference (norms of proceedings of a conferences: 130MM × 210MM)<BR> seals &nbsp face to seal &nbsp ground inside front cover / color of inside back cover crosses the page inside color of page of &nbsp of edition door leaf black and white inside page <BR>20000 yuan 18000 yuan 12000 yuan 10000 yuan 12000 yuan 6000 yuan 4000 yuan of </FONT></P>
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