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The 3rd China (Guangzhou) exhibition of international car hairdressing
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Door of &nbsp of arch of ball of &nbsp of gas of visiting certificate of <BR> of advertisement of <P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> □ other carries bag of visiting card (rear) <BR>10000 yuan / 30 thousand pieces 5000 yuan / 6000 yuan / 30000 yuan / 10 thousand 30000 yuan / exhibition period </FONT></P>
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News briefing of technology of <P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> □ product: 8000 yuan of RMBs / 45 minutes (offer the establishment such as field, lamplight, acoustics, desk and chair) . <BR> ■ service project &nbsp<BR> □ carries 200 words freely in proceedings of a conferences Neizhongyingwen brief introduction &nbsp □ assistance offers board and lodging and Wu of bill of transportation going there and back to serve <BR> □ to assist a product to release reach conduct all sorts of business affairs activities &nbsp □ assistance is offerred declare at customs, Qing Dynasty closes reach item on display to carry service <BR> ■ ginseng exhibit a specification &nbsp<BR>1, put an end to fake commodity ginseng is exhibited, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to need to provide the proof data such as quality of business charter, product; To value intellectual property, ginseng exhibit business to be able to register the production, product that uses oneself registered trade mark with oneself name showpiece only, or the product of accredit representative, distribute. <BR>2, agree without the organizing committee, ginseng exhibit business to must not be made over exhibit, once discover, namely its join cancel exhibit a qualification. <BR>3, enterprise fills appropriate " extend an application form " the fax after building official seal comes organizing committee, will exhibit a cost within a week one-time collect congress to assign account, in affirm after joining the ginseng that postpone business to exhibit aptitude, will send exhibit a confirmation. &nbsp<BR> ■ media popularizes <BR> <BR> " Chinese car signs up for " &nbsp<BR> " China runs a newspaper " &nbsp<BR> " Guangzhou daily " &nbsp<BR> " southern Metropolis Daily " &nbsp<BR> " information evening paper " &nbsp<BR> " fast fast of a poetic name of China " &nbsp " car act the role ofing and change one's costume or dress " &nbsp<BR> " message of the trade after the car makes work " &nbsp<BR> " the car acts the role of Idea " &nbsp<BR> " the car is practical technology " <BR> " believe ad of sincere a dark horse " &nbsp<BR> " expert of vehicle maintenance and repair " &nbsp<BR> " the market after the car " &nbsp " vehicle maintenance and repair " &nbsp<BR> " vehicle maintenance and repair and maintain " <BR> " intelligent horse advertisement " &nbsp<BR> " car and drive maintenance " &nbsp<BR> " technician of vehicle maintenance and repair " &nbsp<BR> " automobile articles for use " &nbsp<BR> " market conditions of automobile articles for use " <BR> China invests poineering net Network of &nbsp<BR> China car Network of car of a dark horse of &nbsp<BR> of net of articles for use of &nbsp<BR> Asia automobile &nbsp China steam maintains new network of car of net <BR> China Net of articles for use of &nbsp Guangdong automobile Net of high-quality goods of &nbsp<BR> China car New network of &nbsp<BR> China car Net of business affairs of car of a poetic name of China of <BR> of network of &nbsp<BR> Zhengzhou car Network of &nbsp<BR> China car Net of articles for use of &nbsp<BR> China automobile Net of hairdressing of &nbsp<BR> China car Articles for use of &nbsp<BR> China automobile approves network of car of hairnet <BR> an ancient name for China &nbsp<BR> is brand-new net of automobile articles for use Net of articles for use of automobile of Hua Na of &nbsp<BR> of net of articles for use of &nbsp<BR> Zhejiang automobile Articles for use of &nbsp<BR> China automobile is online net of things of decorate of car of China of net <BR> <BR> Website of &nbsp China auto industry Net of market conditions of articles for use of &nbsp China automobile <BR> <BR> of net of business affairs of articles for use of automobile of &nbsp Hui Cong ■ contact means: &Lt;BR> ground &nbsp location: Guangzhou city Song Baidong market 20 couplet cry trade center A 511 rooms (510405) <BR> report &nbsp word: 0086-20-6263 4718 &nbsp6263&nbsp4768<BR> is passed &nbsp is true: 0086-20-6263 4710 &nbsp6263&nbsp4767<BR>E- - Mail:<BR> net &nbsp location:<BR> couplet &nbsp fastens a person: Hand of <BR> of bang swallow Miss &nbsp &nbsp machine: 13570980563<BR></FONT></P>
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