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Finishing of international of the 4th 2008 Harbin, besmear holds fair
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</B><B> of <DIV&nbspalign=left><B> settle accounts: </B><B>&nbsp</B></DIV>
<DIV> our basis of your fill in a form and submit it to the leadership " ginseng extend application form " affirm exhibit, exhibit a hire and relevant charge to exhibit a confirmation at getting an organizing committee please collect inside 5 weekday to: </DIV>
<DIV> chamberlain: Great exploit of the letter in Harbin exhibits limited company </DIV>
<DIV> opens an account row: Enrol </DIV> of subbranch of a bank of road of Yellow River of merchant bank Harbin
Date of <DIV> account &nbsp: 622580189810001</DIV>
<DIV> lie over person, congress regards as exit automatically, exhibit arrange separately. </DIV>
<DIV&nbspalign=left><B> cloth exhibits </B><B> : </B><B>&nbsp</B></DIV>
<DIV>1, time: On May 27, 2008 - 28 days of </DIV>
<DIV> everyday 8 ∶ 30 enter a house, nonstop midday, 17 ∶ 00 close a shop. Between cloth exhibition period if need to work overtime,apply for to examine and approve to the service center ahead of schedule please, and pay 100 yuan / the overtime of the hour, work overtime that day can come 24 when; </DIV>
<DIV>2, congress will be built according to international standard exhibit, if have special decorate a requirement or need to demolish exhibit an interval board, exhibit in cloth please forward the organizing committee is referred decorate blueprint and demand application (make clear the forehead that use phone to spend) , via agreeing rear but construction. Combustible decorate material and electrical wiring to must do fire prevention processing. </DIV>
<DIV>3, special decorate exhibit cloth is exhibited adopt shape outside field, the means that assembles inside field. Special the height that decorate does not exceed 6 meters. </DIV>
<DIV>4, for convenient each unit cloth is exhibited, congress establishs a service center, execute the spot office is one-stop service. </DIV>
<DIV>5, ask each ginseng to exhibit an unit to ask by congress cloth is exhibited, must not be in the place such as establishment of person travel passageway, fire control to put, the hammer hangs ginseng show piece to taste, propaganda paterial and other sign. Cloth exhibits litter and packing to want seasonable Qing Dynasty to go out exhibit a house, must not put in the memory that exhibit a house. </DIV>
<DIV&nbspalign=left><B> ginseng exhibits </B><B> : </B><B>&nbsp</B></DIV>
<DIV>1, time: Came 31 days on May 29, 2008, everyday 8 ∶ 30 to 16 ∶ 30, do not close a shop midday, holiday is nonstop; </DIV>
<DIV>2, indoor every international standard exhibits a check and ratify 2 ginseng exhibit evidence. 2 ginseng exhibit check and ratify of every 25 square metre outdoor card; </DIV>
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