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Finishing of international of the 4th 2008 Harbin, besmear holds fair
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<DIV> the 3rd, open to the outside world to expand further. Advance science and technology of pair of Russian classics trade energetically cooperative strategy upgrades, advance extroversion economy to accelerate development, become the throughout the country the 11st also is center-west region amount of the first imports and exports exceeds one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan province. Ceaseless to collaboration of science and technology of Russian classics trade development, "Peaceful - wave commerce synthesis " first phase project is already enlightened, "East - division of trade of city of wave each other " investment of first phase project is used. Special to the United States, Hong Kong, sand, east commerce of alliance, European Union increases quickly. Breath out flying car to export 34 thousand, maintain driving growth momentum. Projects of pair of raw material of Russia the sources of energy that pushing achieve 85; To Russia the project contracts and service collaboration finishs turnover 160 million dollar, grow 43.1% . </DIV>
<DIV&nbspalign=left><B> Heilongjiang develops a program mainly next: </B></DIV>
<DIV> the first, take new-style industrialized way, do make industry of strong dominant position greatly. The key advances equipment to make, petrifaction and coal report are changed, the industry such as aerospace accelerates development. Change according to whole set, hi-tech is changed, homebred the way that change, the breakthrough achieves on the product such as train of railroad of machine tool of large and large and forging of nuclear report, large casting, heavy-duty pressure vessel, heavy-duty numerical control, plane, high speed. Produce advantage of technology, talent at the same time, make old equipment manufacturing industry from dimensions. Build science and technology of the army and the people to manage harmonious mechanism and the army and the people project of amphibious science and technology tackles key problem jointly mechanism, development army turns civilian with the army and the people amphibious advanced technique reachs a product. Solid inflict changes filling oil strategy, extend industrial cable length, develop careful chemical industry. Development coal turns report, coal turns oily, coal turns gas, advance report of coal of Lu Neng of double duck hill to change an organic whole, report of coal of crane hillock Hua He, coal group breaths out coal to turn the project such as aether of methanol, olefin, 2 armour in. Increase innovation capacity hard, strive for next year build research center of technology of national level project, key laboratory and industry technology center each 1, breed annual produce to exceed ten million yuan projects of pair of industrialization of collaboration of Russian science and technology 10. Implement 6 old science and technology energetically special, advance 1 million kilowatt actively to exceed exceed the science and technology such as research and development of equipment of critical lignite boiler and phone of nucleus of caboodle of air cooling of high temperature of 200 thousand kilowatt and industrialization to tackle key problem project. &nbsp</DIV>
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