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Finishing of international of the 4th lukewarm city reachs exhibition of environ

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Name: &Finishing of international of the 4th lukewarm city reachs Nbsp   of exhibition of environmental protection technology
Time: &Nbsp2007 year in July 10-12 day  
Place:   of lukewarm city international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit:   of government of people of lukewarm state city
Undertake unit: Lukewarm state city eletroplates association  
           heart accept exhibits limited company  
Support an unit:   of commission of trade of economy of lukewarm state city
  of environmental protection bureau of city of            Wen Zhou
  of association of project of            China surface
Association of project of            China surface eletroplates branch  
           Hong Kong eletroplates   of chamber of commerce of course of study
Assist run an unit: Zhejiang saves   of exterior project association
The Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Harbin, Xi'an, Fujian, Jiangsu, Hangzhou, Ning Bo,   that do not have stannum
Wuhan, Suzhou, Qingdao, fine promote, Jin Hua eletroplate (exterior project) association  

Product finishing and essence act the role of technology, raw material and equipment: Clean, abrade, go burr, burnish and polishing, change film, eletroplate, pretreatment  

Electrophoresis besmear outfit, zincous oxidation, plating on plastics, vacuum eletroplates, take off lacquer defatted equipment and raw material;  
   besmear assembles equipment and auxiliary product: Room of paint besmear outfit, pulverous besmear outfit, gush, carry system, drying-out, automation to control   of system of spray paint of hand of system, robot to reclaim equipment of machine of system, move back and forth, other and fittings;  
   coating product: Coating of industrial coating, car coating, coating, building, special type coating, paint and all sorts of paint facility and auxiliary product;  
   environmental protection, safety reachs protective equipment: Soot of processing of filter cloth cleaning device, waste liquid, purify, ventilated pollute control with air;  

The quality control of equipment of engineering design, entire plant, each type and test instrument, advisory service, journal and other service are tasted.  

Address: Edifice of evening paper of highway of new city of lukewarm state city 7 buildings  
Postcode: 325001 
Phone: 0577-88902222  88958601 
Fax: 0577-88901788 

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