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Outfit of finishing of international of the 2nd 2007 Dalian, besmear and eletrop
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Outfit of finishing of international of the 2nd Dalian, besmear reachs                 2007 eletroplate exhibition
                                    invites   to ask   case

   time: On May 23, 2007,                 ground nodded on May 25: Dalian star sea can exhibit a center

   sponsors an unit: Commerce of China of    of   of government of people of city of Dalian of      of society of project of Liaoning province machinery promotes committee Dalian branch
   supports an unit: Heilongjiang saves machinist Cheng to learn    Jilin to save machinist Cheng to learn  
Association of finishing project of city of Dalian of                of branch of project of surface of society of              China machinist Cheng
   undertakes unit: Dalian China exhibits an exhibition to serve limited company

   assist run an unit: Double new exhibition engineers Dalian limited company
   media supports: Chinese besmear installs         of thermal spraying net of China of   of net of finishing of China of finishing net    
             Sang Yao Beijing of     of   of   of   of thermal spraying net eletroplates net           " eletroplate with environmental protection "
Besmear of China of   of net of equipment of furnish of besmear of China of         installs Chinese coating website net

  of character of the    before   
            Dalian is the industrial city with our country main north, industrial class is all ready, capability of integrated form a complete set is strong. Dalian supports the swift and violent development of column industry and advantage industry, undertaking economic structural adjustment and industry upgrade energetically transform while, for the finishing that covers suitably to it (eletroplate) treatment industry offerred tremendous business chance. For base of better stimulative northeast old industry revitalize with transform, transform those who extend one of series as northeast industry " outfit of finishing of international of the 2nd 2007 Dalian, besmear and eletroplate exhibition " , assemble domestic and international the new technology of the most advanced exterior project technology and abluent domain, new technology, new material, new facility, of course of study of compose Construction Bank reveal, communication and commerce platform, thereby aids the climax that lifts base of northeast old industry to revitalize.  
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