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2006 Suzhou eletroplate cleanness of besmear outfit course of study produces tec
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                    2006 Suzhou eletroplates cleanness of besmear outfit course of study produces technical exhibition

                                   invites   to ask   case

Show time and location
Time: 26 years on December 21, 23 days
Place:  sails numerous grey word of Xue of 2  fragrant border goes

Constituent structure
Sponsor an unit: Suzhou country is new and high country of Suzhou of       of bureau of environmental protection of technical estate development is new and high association of industry of technical environmental protection
Suzhou of                     of center of production of cleanness of            nation light industry is new inferior foundation of electronic environmental protection
           Suzhou city eletroplates product of environmental protection of association                             international trades center

Assist run an unit: Center of attestation of an ancient name for China of                           of institute of Shanghai light industry

Undertake unit: &Product of Nbsp international environmental protection trades center

Support an unit: Association of project of surface of China of       of association of project of surface of Taiyuan of              of total bureau of national environmental protection
Beijing of          of association of project of            Dalian surface eletroplates association           Qingdao eletroplates association
           Shanghai eletroplates association              eletroplates without Tianjin of       of association of stannic surface project association
           Jin Hua eletroplates association              Chongqing eletroplates association           Hangzhou eletroplates association
           Hong Kong eletroplates carry on of            of chamber of commerce of course of study is promoted eletroplate association           Guangzhou eletroplates association
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