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Exhibition of equipment of industry of Chongqing of the 8th China
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              The 8th Chongqing Industry Equipment Fair, china
                       exhibition of equipment of industry of Chongqing of the 8th China
Outfit of                       finishing, besmear, eletroplate reach anticorrosive exhibit an area

  2007 year Chongqing of 26-28 day    exhibited a center in March (Chen Jiaping)
  Mar 26-28,  2007  Chongqing Exhibition Center

   sponsors an unit: Machinist Cheng of city of Chongqing of               of Chongqing city Economic Commission learns   
   assist run an unit:       of chamber of commerce of coating of area of suitable heart of city of Fosan of             of guild of Guangdong province coating " market conditions of cover with paint "
   undertakes unit: Chongqing collects couplet to exhibit machinist Cheng of city of Chongqing of       of service limited company to learn to show a department

                                 invitation letter
The trade distinguished gathering that     is worth to participate in - IEF collects couplet industry to exhibit
    Chongqing serves as western development bibcock, china's biggest, newest central municipality directly under the Central Government, our country famous steam rub manufacturing base and one of 3 large production centers, bend force is made " western the biggest equipment manufacturing industry produces base " , " the world connects a mechanism to build base " , " research and development of domestic instrument appearance creates base " , construction " the whole nation's top-ranking car motorcycle production and whole world purchase base " . Industrial production value with year all the speed of 20% above increases by degrees, two index rank increase rate of industrial development speed, profit western 12 provinces city the first. Large-scale traditional ability changes project and new-style industrialized strategy to carried out a project to offer broad market and development opportunity for equipment industry; The economic situation that Chongqing rises with its high speed, by the United States " fortune " the magazine labels 4 big heat of Chinese to invest one of cities.
  IEF collects couplet industry to exhibit (outstanding brand exhibits 100 beautiful of Chinese meeting) , through ceaseless exploration of 7 years and development, now in order to become western and even home provides influence and governmental focal point to breed extremely with what give aid to western brand name is exhibited.
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