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Exposition of science and technology of industry of international of the 5th 200
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Theme of    of exposition of science and technology of industry of international of the 5th 2007 Chengdu is exhibited
The 5th China western international
Finishing, eletroplate, besmear outfit coating and   of exhibition of anticorrosive technology equipment
On April 3, 2007 - conference of new international of city of century of 5 days of    exhibits a center

The support of authoritative origanization construction and numerous unit
Sponsor an unit: Sichuan of      of Sichuan province Economic Commission saves Sichuan of      of association of science and technology to save machinist Cheng to learn  
Undertake unit:   Sichuan saves machinist Cheng to learn         Sichuan good rich to show limited company
Support media: Net of HC360 Hui Cong (finishing industry) besmear of China of     of round-the-world finishing net installs     China of equipment net    eletroplates website
Chinese besmear installs China of    of website of project of surface of China of finishing net      to eletroplate net     China eletroplates network of technology of net    painting
Exhibit meeting setting data
-- 2006 the first year be strategy of strong province of Sichuan executive industry, it is provincial Party committee is affirmatory " industry year " . Provincial Party committee saves a government to put forward to start a brand for forerunner with science and technology, take new-style industrialized way, raise me to save industrial economy whole to contend for force unexpectedly with all one's strength, the appeal is saved completely " industry promotes province, industry rich province, industry to be saved by force " road; Affirmatory industry is overall target.
-- 2003 - exhibited the success of the meeting 4 years to hold continuously 2006, established western provide consequence and ginseng to exhibit value to exhibit the foundation of the meeting most.
-- " finishing eletroplates the furnish that reach besmear is exhibited fully " it is only western demand of giant industry market and set, use special subject only house, be organized independently and unite conduct propaganda, produced tremendous industrial catenary effect, also offer more commercial opportunities to broad travelling merchant at the same time. As " exposition of science and technology of industry of international of the 4th Chengdu " the theme exhibits one of areas, the brand advantage that depends on congress and western the auspicious chance of development, will attract more trade public figures and commercial public figure to attend a meeting look around, communication, purchase, collaboration.
-- exhibit full-time of person specially assigned for a task or job of meeting service department to organize an audience, through ◆ industry media media of propagandist ◆ public publicizes ◆ special invite ◆ complimentary ticket to invite ◆ to exhibit meeting characteristic ◆ to invite a few free formula such as ◆ itinerate conduct propaganda directly; See the amount of the audience and quality in order to ensure
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