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2007 China (Shenzhen) international finishing, besmear outfit and eletroplate in
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<DIV><B>SF C</B></DIV>
<DIV><B>2007</B><B> China (Shenzhen) international finishing, besmear outfit and eletroplate industry exhibits </B><B></B></DIV>
<DIV><B>2007</B><B> . </B><B>8</B><B> . Shenzhen of </B><B>28-30&nbsp</B><B> China </B><B>&nbsp</B><B> can exhibit central </B><B></B></DIV>
<DIV> detail logs onto Http// &nbsp</DIV> please
<DIV><B> sponsors an unit: Guangdong of &nbsp of branch of project of surface of society of </B> China machinist Cheng saves mechanical guild &nbsp </DIV>
Culture of dagger of <DIV> Guangzhou acute transmits limited company </DIV>
<DIV><B> supports an unit: Hardware of </B> Hong Kong / eletroplate / die-casting / screw / the metal is machined / metallic finishing / </DIV> of association of electric equipment manufacturing industry
<DIV><B> whole journey engineers: Culture of dagger of </B> Guangzhou acute transmits limited company </DIV>
<DIV> ★ the corresponding period holds 2007 China (Shenzhen) international coating industry exhibits </DIV>
<DIV><B> one, &nbsp</B><B> world industry makes base welcome you! </B><B></B></DIV>
<DIV>2006 year, chinese mechanical gross value of industrial output breaks through 5 trillion yuan of RMB to close greatly, grow 30.6% compared to the same period; Industry increases a value to grow 32% compared to the same period. Entire industry becomes the fast and stable development of above 4 years with exceeding 2 continuously. </DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
Total 2006 production value surpasses industry of <DIV> Shenzhen machinery 180 billion yuan of RMB, grow 25% compared to the same period; Export total amounts to 15 billion dollar, rank the whole nation to export front row with industry product. Mechanical industry is Shenzhen every year to provide the technical content of tens of thousands of domestic and internationally the mechanical product with good prospect of tall, market, the fundamental equipment with was offerred important for Shenzhen and even global economy progress and treatment of form a complete set serve, make Shenzhen becomes world metal component to produce base, it is 500 strong company form a complete set of the whole world and world every year to offer production value to amount to 60 billion yuan accurate metal component. Mould annual produce amounts to 12 billion yuan, and with mould precision tall, quality advanced, date of delivery is short and good, management is famed the world; The machine that note model holds half of country of market of countrywide congener product, board the plane the bridge takes home market 80% above. </DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
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