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CIAME 2007, exposition of international automobile manufacturing industry
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Time: Ground of 6-8 day      nodded in August 2007: Exhibition of Chinese • Beijing

Rectify car craft to exhibit       4 big tooling exhibit       component and treatment equipment to exhibit       material

★ China car makes the effective productivity of industrial catenary
Car of ★ whole world makes the royal party of industrial chain company
Production industry of automobile of ★ international class is one-stop reveal platform
★ world car makes industrial technology communicate grand occasion
★ car makes an industry the exhibition form of distinctive, innovation

[supportive unit] hair of country of         of advisory committee of    China auto industry changes appoint center of Electromechanical equipment invite public bidding
Association of mechanical workmanship of China of       of association of business management of Chinese mechanical industry
Auto industry of Beijing of       of head office of imports and exports of Chinese auto industry heads a group
Association of Chinese auto industry is special car branch
[sponsor an unit] wagon flow of    China steam opens society of project of mechanical whole set of equipment of association               China
          of guild of Chinese Beijing car east international is exhibited (Beijing) limited company
[undertake unit]    east international is exhibited (Beijing) limited company

CIAME2007  exhibits meeting introduction                                                 
August 2007 6-8 day, "CIAME2007  -- exposition of international automobile manufacturing industry " will be in China - Beijing exhibition is held. Come from the whole world the famous ginseng of 30 many countries exhibits the professional audience inside business and global limits to will assemble in CIAME2007 -- this also is the world-class exhibition grand meeting that Asia and even whole world create industrial catenary field in the car on exclusive and real significance. The production function such as the energy-saving, intelligence with the application of the 4 old technology that this exhibition aims to reveal a car to make, component and processing equipment, production equipment, new material, truckload car, small amount, environmental protection is revealed, the car that realizes real significance makes industrial catenary reveal, let you master the newest development trends of automobile industry and advanced workmanship, technology and product, to realize China -- the world's the strongest car production country, oldest car consumes a country infuse productivity!
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