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Outfit of besmear of finishing of international of Harbin of the 3rd China and e
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Invitation letter

Time: On May 29, 2007 - place of 31 days of    : Harbin international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit: China International commerce promotes committee
Heilongjiang saves people government
Government of Harbin city people
Undertake unit: Heilongjiang saves Economic Commission
China International commerce promotes committee Heilongjiang to save branch
China International commerce promotes committee Harbin city branch
Heilongjiang daily signs up for industry group
Association of technology of Harbin surface project
Great exploit of the letter in Harbin shows limited company
Support an unit: Chamber of commerce of imports and exports of Chinese mechanical and electrical products
China is light industrial and mechanical association
China International commerce promotes branch of committee machinery industry
China packs federation
China International commerce promotes committee Liaoning to save branch
China International commerce promotes committee Jilin to save branch
China International commerce promotes committee Heibei to save branch
Parliament of area of Russian Federation northwest
Russia blocks Economic Commission of republic of tired benefit A
Republic of Russia division rice invests management board
Economic Commission of Si Kezhou of Er of case of Russia A Er Chinese
Dazhou of case of Russia Wo Luo invests management board
Russia adds li of Ningge to strap city Economic Commission
Economic Commission of Russia Leningrad city
Economic Commission of Si Kezhou of Russia Ma Erman
Si Kefu city invests Russia general management board
Municipality of at present of Russia Nie Nie invests management board
Economic Commission of Russia Sanket city
Luo Dezhou of elder brother of Russia Nuo husband invests management board

Exposition of manufacturing industry of Chinese Harbin international (abbreviation CHIME Harbin makes rich meet) already successive success holds 6, for national level exhibition, by China International commerce stimulative committee, Heilongjiang saves government of people government, Harbin city people to be sponsorred jointly, it is China International commerce the international of professional manufacturing industry that stimulative committee approves formally is exhibited meeting, aim to cooperate what the country revitalizes strategy of base of northeast old industry to carry out.
Outfit of finishing of Chinese Harbin international, besmear and exhibition of anticorrosion technology equipment and the corresponding period of the meeting that make gain are held, it is the main component of the meeting that make gain, establish alone exhibit an area.
Circumstance of exhibition of previous term or session:  
Exhibition of outfit of finishing of exposition of manufacturing industry of international of Harbin of the 6th China and international of Harbin of the 2nd China, besmear and anticorrosion technology equipment already on May 29, 2006 - be in Chinese Harbin 31 days the international exhibition center is held ceremoniously, come from Russia, Germany, France, United States, Korea, Japan, Saierweiya and black hill republic, polish, Hungarian wait for area of 16 countries and Chinese Hong Kong, Taiwan and home ginseng of 362 of 12 provinces city well-known companies signing up is exhibited ginseng meeting, whole of room inside and outside exhibits an area to amount to 21000 square metre, affection of use up all one's resources of company of numerous domestic and international bibcock joins in, revealed exhibit meeting internationally with professional. The 6th CHIME drew the wide attention that makes a trade domestic and internationally, mutual nineteen looks around purchase a group to arrive at exhibit meeting, have among them: Russia looks around purchase group of round, American business affairs, Germany to purchase round, Japan to purchase a group to wait, session major audience amounts to 30 thousand 7 more than 1000 person-time, exhibit conference agreement and contract to trade the forehead amounts to 2.076 billion yuan, showpiece what the effect got postpone business is sufficient approbate. Session still was held relevant project is purchased and cooperate external the butt joint of the project is meeting, medium policy of Russian classics trade introduces meeting, new product to recommend the activity such as the meeting.
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