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Paint the construction of the project notices
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<P><BR> paints the construction of the project notices stucco of <BR> 1, metope to should hold detail: &nbsp<BR> metope bubbly, craze, dropping a skin is the problem with consumer most report. Decorate did not pass how long, the metope in the home or end face begin bubbly, craze however, drop a skin, what reason be? Professional personage points out, generally speaking, use high grade coating, metope can be used normally 5 to 8 years. The bubbly, craze, problem that drop a skin appearing inside short time is abnormal, the cause that creates these problems has a lot of, want a foundation real case is particular analysis. The expert warns customer, when staring at the wall flour that decorate to brush this one, should hold besmear to brush detail. &nbsp</P>
<P> metope is bubbly problem: Bubbly metope can have arenaceous graininess persnickety bubble is raised, the cause that cause has: In coating dye is added in allocating overmuch or mix have sundry; Lacquer bucket, brush, roller or spray gun are sordid; Before lacquer face is completely fully dry, moisture infiltration makes paint film loses adhere sex; The metope before besmear is brushed did not clear clean. Solution: Avoid to be in the season with big humidity or weather undertakes besmearing brushing; Brush Tu Shi, must wait for be bored with child after a lacquer works the head, perhaps besmear again below one; Clear before emulsioni paint construction construction environment, clear clean metope. &nbsp</P>
<P> metope drops leather issue: Main reason has: Construction worker workmanship is poor; Be bored with child, adherent function or contractive function need paint. &nbsp</P>
<P> solution: Should choose to be able to bear or endure high gradely above all water be bored with child. These be bored with child whiteness is tall, be able to bear or endure ability in swimming is good, cohere intensity is high, the skin does not rise after using, not pulverization, do not fall off, what can solve wall skin to fall off is vexed; Before besmear brushs emulsioni paint, need to blow be bored with 3 times two at least child; Add 108 glue with gesso, can increase stickiness. Still have a bit, proposal consumer coating is special and special. The performance demand that wall emulsioni paint swabs to be able to bear or endure inside is high, in living in the life easier flyblown metope, can wipe with water at any time. And inside wall paint is not had however fight bask in a function, the wall outside cannot using besmear to brush so. &nbsp</P>
Problem of <P> metope craze: Main reason: The likelihood is be bored with child contractive be caused by, be bored with is alled over before construction is medium child did not work to blow be bored with below one times fully child, the 2nd be bored with child did not work to brush paint fully, cause be bored with child craze of the facing after dry systole. &nbsp</P>
<P> solution: Be bored with should wait on one times in construction child dry after appearing, blow below one times again, every be bored with child ply should not exceed 2 millimeter. When do poorly done work over again is repaired, should shave craze point first clean, reoccupy be bored with child blow fill, be bored with child after working, besmear again the lacquer that brush a face. &nbsp</P>
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