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ESHK-1 carbonado beat equipment is your right choice
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The electromagnetic wave outside ESHK-1 Yuan Gong carbonadoes beat equipment is to use red adscititious hot principle, use the technology that directional radiate heats, basically use at the paint dryer of all sorts of cars and large parts. This equipment can be achieved efficient and energy-saving the paint with free from contamination is roast the effect of craft. Cover equipment originally by radiate of the electromagnetism outside 24 Yuan Gong implement (radiate of " of the following abbreviation implement) compositive.24 radiation implement install respectively go up in two steeliness bracket, two bracket are carbonadoed by cent park respectively car two side. Steeliness bracket by square model hollow steel tube solders and become, partial radiate implement park bracket upper part, can adjust according to need height. Every set case of layout of an electric relay on platform plank, the radiate on whole platform plank implement power source from this the box furnishs centrally. This equipment two bracket, equipment of a complete set of deserves to have case of an electric control. Of equipment move have two kinds of pattern, room temperature controls mode and time control mode, can choose operation pattern arbitrarily. The derv that this equipment is painting roast craft counteracts a tradition heats photograph of room of the lacquer that bake is compared but managing energy cost is made an appointment with 70% . The whole vehicle lacquer that bake bakes lacquer room to heat with traditional derv average every car wants 6 liter diesel oil about, heat 40 minutes or so about, derv present price is 5.6 yuan / litre, what need derv charge to make an appointment with  33.6 yuan  , heating bad news report still wants in process of the paint that bake 3.5 degrees, what need charge to make an appointment with 3.5 yuan, with traditional derv so room of the lacquer that bake heats every car place needs the paint that bake total cost is controlled for 37 yuan, and the power of roast equipment is infra-red electromagnetic wave 24 kilowatt, need roast time 20 minutes only, paint can dry, by every degrees of report 1 yuan is calculated, what need charge to make an appointment with 8 yuan, equipment of infra-red electromagnetic wave heats than traditional derv managing cost 70% above, if the local Qi Jie that bake restricts cost more apparent (cost is little at) of 4 yuan of money. This facility heat source uses radiate of infra-red electromagnetic wave implement, but the effect that even to be being achieved by roast car radiate heats, need 20 minutes to be able to reach complete car only paint is thoroughly dry, and paint film hardness is tall, burnish is good, roast and finishing hind can undertake whole vehicle polish is handled instantly, need not air is basked in, and traditional derv heats roast car needs to place about 3 to 4 hours rear can undertake polishing is handled. The utilization rate that can see this product rose to bake lacquer room greatly apparently and shortened repair time, achieve the client's more satisfactory result. What this product uses is electric energy heats, the environment that environmental protection effect heats to technical photograph burns because of derv than can be being eliminated and be caused with traditional derv apparently is polluted, but huge improves working environment, it is the environmental protection product that the country is advocated to the utmost at present and extends. Our company provide all-around technical service, include product technology to seek advice, room of the lacquer that bake uses the technology of personnel to groom, of all sorts of equipment offer reach pair of original derv to heat to the technical reformation of room of the lacquer that bake and entire facility installation work and provide good after service.

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