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Finishing of international of the 4th 2008 Harbin, besmear holds fair
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<DIV> Heilongjiang is located in northeast inferior the central position of the area, it and Japan, Korea, Korea, Mongolia and Russia border, pass Russia radiate whole Europe, it is the main bridge that countrywide each district enters Russia and hamster. Harbin communication is easy, have link domestic and international airway many 50, fly to Bangkok, Hong Kong among them, ha cling to, the international city such as los angeles, new 澙 , Paris, Seoul, Sydney, Singapore, holothurian sprain. 1/4 what the foreign trade forehead of the 5 countries such as China and Japan, Korea, Korea, Mongolia and Russia already held total of countrywide foreign trade, depend on feature of advantaged ground predestined relationship, heilongjiang province serves as northeast inferior the position of classics trade center also increasingly protruding shows. </DIV>
Base of <DIV&nbspalign=left><B> old industry revitalizes 3 years, heilongjiang development is swift and violent: </B><B></B></DIV>
<DIV> revitalizes the strategy through 3 years of old industry base since, progress of Heilongjiang economy society produced historic change, development vigor increases apparently, present a good development state, revitalize base of northeast old industry to step solid pace, obtain significant progress. Save amplitude of total output value to exceed two digit 4 years continuously completely, it is the development is the rapiddest period since reforming and opening. Specific reflect for: </DIV>
<DIV>   the first, vigor of local economy progress increases with each passing day. Open type reform 3 years, introduce energetically include the world 500 100 strong inside the strategic investor that has actual strength, mutual 67 big groups, big company participates in Heilongjiang state-owned large and medium-sized the company changes make, among them 500 have the world by force 7, sign consultative fund 35.7 billion yuan of RMBs, reach the designated position actually capital 4 billion yuan of RMBs, urged 90 projects construction. </DIV>
<DIV> the 2nd, pace of economic structural adjustment is accelerated. It is advantage industry gets strengthening. In the country support energetically below, around move the construction of 6 large base such as equipment, petrifaction, the sources of energy, food, medicine, dark labour, 95 industry shift rectifies and reform start working of project of the debt that make a state to build, heilongjiang province equipment is made, 95% what the 6 big industries such as petro-chemical, medicine hold dimensions above gross value of industrial output, competition ability of core of business of equipment industry mainstay increases further. Haing cable group becomes our country the biggest generate electricity equipment and base of exit of whole set of equipment, have produce per year generate electricity equipment the ability of -1474836480 tile; One heavy group becomes our country's biggest casting forged steel to produce base, neat one, Qi Ernian produces ability of machine tool of heavy-duty numerical control to break through 100, occupy world first place. Haing boat group becomes our country plane and car production base, have produce per year a car 300 thousand, plane of 650 thousand stage, branch line mixes car engine helicopter 100 ability; The group that breath out a quantity succeeds and buy Germany triumphant lion company, enhanced international competition ability. Product of major equipment dominant already achieved international advanced level. Power station equipment is OK unit of team design production world's biggest 700 million made of baked clay water and electricity, have make 1 billion made of baked clay class exceed exceed group of critical fire electric machinery and group of nuclear electric machinery main facility ability; Coal liquefaction reactor already amounted to 2000 tons of class, developed have own intellectual property and international the opportunity of electric drawing coal mining with the greatest power on the rolling mill of 1780 millimeter Leng Lian of advanced level, world and machine of paper-thin coal-bed coal mining; The branch line plane that cooperates with Brazil begins batch production; 5 axes linkage is heavy-duty numerical control lathe, exceed large numerical control to establish Pullman, numerical control heavy-duty boring milling machine came true to replace an entrance. Petrifaction industry accelerates development, save petrochemical to be changed subtly completely rate achieve 30% above. Sales revenue grows 63% than 2003. Corridor of Ha Daqi industry starts an area 15 times to start an area to had achieved 56.8 square kilometer, start working project 326, accumulative total invests nearly 20 billion yuan. Report of coal of the eastpart part changes base to plan to already was finished via the work out, power plant of double duck hill 3 period, crane hillock power plant 2 period, a batch of priority discipline such as Dong Rongyi mine are accelerating construction, report of treasure clear coal changes the project such as an organic whole to undertaking early days works. Open belt planned a batch of exit to machine garden area by the side of the edge, at present already 216 enterprises are entered, 153 projects build go into operation. &nbsp</DIV>
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