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Finishing of international of the 4th 2008 Harbin, besmear holds fair
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Technology of <DIV>2, finishing, raw material and equipment </DIV>
<DIV> eletroplates glair of craft and plating fluid, chemical plating, ionic plating, laser is changed, arenaceous, phosphor spends plating of thermal spraying, hot dip, Dakeluo, in season processing technology and equipment. </DIV>
<DIV>3, anti-corrosive material and equipment </DIV>
<DIV> is able to bear or endure film of material of corrode alloy, stainless steel, titanium, compound armor plate, besmear board etc be able to bear or endure corrode material; Be able to bear or endure the treatment facilities such as plastic, colophony, glass reinforced plastics, pottery and porcelain reachs corrode project its goods; Other and inorganic material reachs goods; Store boiler of groove, cooling tower, heat exchanger, reaction, pump, a powerful person, conduit and tubal fittings. </DIV>
<DIV>4, clean with antirust technology and </DIV> of equipment of test test instrument
Passivation of fluid of <DIV> clear lotion, passivation, pickling creams, antirust oil, antirust fat, gas phase is antirust the material that pack, corrosion inhibiter, agent that divide dirty. Corrode detector of quality of rate instrument, coating ply instrument, coating, corrode electrochemistry to check an instrument, corrode the system that monitor and instrument other corrode test equipment. </DIV>
Construction of protection of <DIV>5, electrochemistry, anticorrosion, project, anticorrosion information </DIV>
Position control of <DIV> sacrifice positive pole, inert positive pole, report protects power source, data of technology of project of equipment of technology of of all kinds construction, project, equipment and car, of all kinds surface, anticorrosion, books, magazine, software, CD. </DIV>
<DIV&nbspalign=left><B> exhibits a price </B><B> : </B><B>&nbsp</B></DIV>
Standard of <DIV>1, indoor international is exhibited (3m × 3m) </DIV>
<DIV> home company: 6000 yuan of RMBs / exhibition period; </DIV>
<DIV> 3 endowment enterprise: 1500 dollars / exhibition period; </DIV>
<DIV> abroad enterprise: 2000 dollars / exhibition period; </DIV>
<DIV> exhibits an establishment to include 3 to exhibit board, one piece negotiates 2 desk, chairs, 2 shoot basket of electrical outlet of power source of the lamp, 220V/500W, paper and congress to unite made company name lintel board; </DIV>
Ground of <DIV>2, indoor light (the area is leased since lowest not less than 36 square metre, press 18 smooth rice increases by degrees) </DIV>
<DIV> home company: 620 yuan of RMBs / square metre; </DIV>
<DIV> 3 endowment enterprise: 155 dollars / square metre; </DIV>
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